“Fit Figure” 50-20-30 Nutrition and Supplement Program


If you’re an experienced figure competitor who needs to start getting back in contest shape, or you’d like to be a figure competitor, or improve your body so that could be a figure competitor if you chose - you need to have a fair degree of muscular shape, development and separation, as well as a better than average bodyfat percentage. This program is designed to accomplish just that: improve your body composition (muscle-to-fat ratio).

You will reduce fat while you maintain and gain lean muscle at the same time. We call this your net body composition change.


Proper training and cardio are important but the key to losing excess fat while you improve your physique by adding lean, shapely muscle is through a specialized nutrition program with the emphasis on the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

  • However, the correct ratio is not enough. You also need to eat the correct types of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • This is an area where many (who know something about nutrition) go wrong. They eat the correct ratios, but the wrong foods.
  • Another area where things can go wrong is your choice of supplements.
  • In this program we are going to stick to proven, time tested supplement formulas.
  • We’ll give you some prioritized options so that you can stay within your budgetary boundaries, but we won’t recommend what’s cheapest, instead we’ll recommend the supplements that will give you the most value in terms of results.
  • Don’t make the mistake of gauging your progress by the scale. It’s much more important appearance-wise that you try to retain all of your lean muscle tissue (and even build a little) while you lose fat.

Fit Figure Training and Cardio


  • You should pay particular attention to your shoulder and back development in your training for figure competition.
  • Another area that is very important is to tighten your legs and glutes (and of course your abs).
  • Don’t neglect other bodyparts but really concentrate on abs, shoulders, back, quads, hamstrings, and glutes.
  • Don’t make the mistake of training each bodypart only one time per week. You should try one of the following training splits:

Monday and Thursday: Back, Biceps, Abs, Calves

Tuesday and Friday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs

Wednesday and Saturday: Legs and Glutes, Abs

Here’s another training split that will give extra work to your most important bodyparts:

Day 1: Legs (quad emphasis)
Day 2: Back / Delts / Biceps
Day 3: Chest / Triceps
Day 4: Legs (glute/hamstring emphasis)
Day 5: Back / Delts / Arms

High Intensity Interval Cardio:

  • The amount of cardio you need to do depends on the amount of fat that you need to lose and the amount of time you have before your contest.
  • In general you can lose one-half to one pound of fat per week with proper training, nutrition and supplements.
  • You can lose up to another pound of fat per week through proper cardio.
  • The amount of time you spend on cardio is not nearly as important as the amount of calories you expend during your cardio sessions.
  • Make sure at least three of your cardio sessions are high intensity interval sessions.

The 50-20-30 Fit Figure (Lose Fat – Gain Lean Muscle) Nutritional Program

You have to take a disciplined approach and consistently eat the right combination of nutrients and right types of nutrients in order to lose fat and reduce your body fat percentage as you add lean, shapely muscle and improve your body composition.

Your nutritional regimen should consist of three basic food types (macronutrients) in the following proportions.

Protein - Your total diet (including supplements) should consist of about fifty percent proteins.

  • Best sources of protein for building lean, shapely muscle while you are cutting your bodyfat percentage are: egg whites, turkey breast, chicken breast, fish, whole eggs, lean beef (90% or leaner), salmon and very lean pork.
  • The best protein supplements are Ultimate Muscle Protein and Muscle Provider.
  • Mass amino acid tablets, Density, and Ultra 40 are invaluable to make sure that you utilize the protein you eat and they provide additional amino acids you need to build muscle.

Complex Carbohydrates - Complex carbohydrates will make up about 20-25% of your nutritional intake.

  • Best sources of complex carbohydrate for losing fat while you gain lean muscle are oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and all black or red beans.

Low Carb Vegetables and Fruit

  • Low carb vegetables include salads, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, green beans and just about any other green or yellow vegetable.
  • Low carb fruits are blueberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, peaches, and strawberries.

Fats - Dietary fats should make up 25-30% percent of your caloric intake. This total includes the naturally occurring fats in your protein foods.

  • Fats are not your enemy so get it out of your head.
  • Fat is critical to your health and essential to your success as a dieter.
  • Although fat has twice the calories of other food types, it has a more stable influence on your blood sugar, by slowing the absorption of other foods into the bloodstream.
  • For best results on this plan you should really pay attention to getting the right amount and right kinds of dietary fats.
  • Best sources are olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, canola oil, almond butter, walnuts, and avocado. We will also give you an option of using a tablespoon of heavy cream in your protein shakes and protein pudding recipes.
  • You should be sure you take an essential fatty acid supplement like Beverly’s EFA Gold or a fish oil supplement.

Free Foods - You can eat any of the following at any time, without jeopardizing your results: Sugar free gum, Crystal Light, diet soda, coffee, tea, sugar-free Jell-O, Splenda, Equal, cinnamon, spices, salsa, seasonings, mustard, vinegar, hot sauce, salt and pepper.

Free Meals - Remember that this program is designed to reduce fat while you add lean muscle. The only time that a “free meal” is acceptable is if you have a special occasion like a birthday, wedding, holiday meal, etc.

Beverages - Make sure that you drink plenty of water. If you are dehydrated, you will not burn fat and you can’t build muscle.

  • Water is necessary in every metabolic process.
  • You should drink at least 64 ounces each day.
  • Other acceptable beverages are unsweetened tea and coffee, as well as diet drinks like Crystal Light, diet flavored waters, and diet sodas.
  • Regular fruit juice and milk have large amounts of naturally occurring sugar; and although they may be good foods, they may also result in fat accumulation so they are not part of this nutritional program.



Sample “50-20-30 Gain Muscle – Lose Fat” Diet Plan

Here is a typical meal plan based on five meals. Remember to adjust portions or add or decrease a meal as needed to maintain progress.

Breakfast (recommended): one whole egg, three egg whites, three ounces turkey breast, one-half cup oatmeal. (Don’t forget you can add cinnamon and Splenda to your oatmeal.)

[Option B (if you don’t like eggs): five ounces lean beef, one-half cup oatmeal.]

[Option C (if you want to drink a protein shake for breakfast): one scoop Ultimate Muscle Protein; one-third cup liquid egg whites or egg beaters; one-fourth cup oatmeal or one-third cup frozen blueberries and three frozen strawberries.]

- - - - - - - - - -

Mid Morning Meal: Protein Drink with one or two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, one tablespoon healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream.  – Optional: one serving low carb fruit.

[Option B: one can tuna (water packed), one-half cup cottage cheese and one-fourth cup pineapple (unsweetened) or one-fourth cantaloupe.]

[Option C: 5 oz lean protein source, one small apple.]

- - - - - - - - - -

Lunch: five ounces chicken breast, one-half cup cooked brown rice, green salad with two tablespoons oil and vinegar dressing.

[Option B: five ounces lean beef, five ounces sweet potato, two cups low carb vegetables.]

- - - - - - - - - -

Mid Afternoon Meal: Tuna or chicken salad - one can tuna (water packed) or four ounces chicken breast, one tablespoon mayonnaise, celery, relish, one-half apple.

[Option B: Protein Drink with one or two scoops Muscle Provider or Ultimate Muscle Protein, one tablespoon healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream.]

[Option C: Protein Pudding – put one or two scoops of Ultimate Muscle Protein into a bowl or Tupperware container, add one tablespoon almond butter or heavy cream, and add just enough water to stir into a pudding consistency.]

- - - - - - - - - -

Dinner: five ounces steak, pork loin, chicken, turkey or fish; two cups low carb vegetables; green salad with two tablespoons oil and vinegar dressing.

[Option B: five ounces salmon, two cups low carb vegetables, green salad with two tablespoons oil and vinegar dressing.]

- - - - - - - - - -

Before bed snack: Protein pudding – mix one scoop Ultimate Muscle Protein in a bowl with just enough water to make a pudding texture. Add one tablespoon almond butter, walnuts, or heavy cream.

Option B: six egg whites, one serving low carbohydrate vegetable or fruit.

Supplements for the “Fit Figure” Nutrition Plan

Essential:       Ultimate Muscle Protein, Lean Out, Muscularity

Next Steps:     Glutamine Select, 7-Keto MuscLean

Stack:             Density, Energy Reserve

Additives:      GH Factor, Fit Tabs, EFA Gold

Essential - Start with the supplements listed above as Essential. A brief summary listing the benefits of each supplement is available below. For more information, click on the supplement name.

  • Ultimate Muscle Protein – UMP will be a staple to your nutrition program.  It contains a high quality blend of proteins essential to any muscle building or fat loss program.
  • Lean Out is the most important supplement you can take with this nutritional plan.  Lean Out helps you mobilize and convert your stored fat for energy thereby sparing muscle tissue. Lean Out will create a big difference in your rate of fat loss and it can make your diet much easier. In fact, without the ingredients found in Lean Out your body could simply not burn fat for energy.
  • Muscularity – Branch Chain Amino Acid capsule.   BCAA’s are essential to retaining hard earned muscle in a reduced calorie diet.  Muscularity also contains the same form of chromium as Lean Out and will help you lose more fat and retain more lean muscle.

DIRECTIONS for taking Lean Out and Muscularity:  Take two Lean Out and two Muscularity with each and every meal and shake, for a total of 10-12 of each per day.

Next Steps – Once you have the “essentials”, the next supplement(s) you’d add to your program are those listed as “Next Steps”.

  • Glutamine Select– is next in importance. Glutamine Select plus BCAAs is a drink mix powder that many professional figure athletes sip on before, during, and after training.  It is great for recovery and will help you spare and increase your lean muscle tissue.  Mix two scoops of Glutamine Select in your water bottle and sip from it as you train or perform cardio.
  • 7 Keto MuscLean - contains ingredients clinically proven to increase the rate at which you burn calories (fat calories, in particular) so that you can get lean faster.  7-Keto MuscLEAN improves your metabolism and helps you burn more calories. It is especially valuable if you are following a diet or if your metabolism is slowing down because of the inevitable effect of aging.

Stack - If your budget allows, add the “Stack” and you’ll have a complete supplement strategy to achieve your goal.

  • Density – if you want to build some lean muscle, or just make sure that you don’t lose any during your periods of strict dieting Density is imperative. Take 2 tablets with each meal or protein shake.
  • Energy Reserve – pure L-carnitine to further expedite fat loss while retaining lean tissue.

Additives - “Additives” are for the high achiever who wants and can afford it all.

  • GH Factor - Research has shown that the components of GH Factor - Arginine Pyroglutamate and Lysine Monohydrochloride when taken on an empty stomach can increase biologically active growth hormone levels to help Improve circulation Increase mental acuity Reduce harmful effects of aging and fat loss.
  • Fit Tabs - vitamin/mineral formula contains all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrient catalysts you need to support protein synthesis and muscle building.

The ingredients in Fit Tabs sustain vital metabolic processes – energy production and fatty acid metabolism. They also provide powerful antioxidant protection for recovery, repair, and resistance to illness.  Or for a mega dose vitamin/mineral pack try Super Pak.

  • EFA Gold - provides essential fatty acids that support metabolism, improve energy levels, and stimulate natural hormone production that aid in muscle growth and fat metabolism.

Take three EFA Gold capsules with breakfast and three with dinner.

Optional Supplements for the “Fit Figure” 50-20-30 Plan

Please call us at 1-800-781-3475 and we can help you to effectively incorporate any of our other fat burning and muscle building supplements into your plan.

Lifestyle Hints to Maximize Your “Fit Figure” Nutritional Program


  1. Try to live a regulated life. Train, eat, and go to bed at the same times each day whenever possible. Don’t miss meals.
  2. Strive to progressively improve your workouts. Try to increase your workout weights or reps, or decrease the amount of rest between sets while maintaining weight and reps.
  3. Have a positive and productive attitude. Read a positive quote of the day, self-help or spiritual literature at a specific time each day. (Sound mind in a sound body principle.)
  4. Your supplementation program can dramatically enhance your results. The recommended “Fit Figure” supplement program will provide an average improvement of 30% to your Net Body Composition Change (NBCC).


Please call or email us if you have any questions regarding this program.

Our email is info@BeverlyInternational.net; the phone number is 1-800-781-3475.