The Dynamic Drug-Free Duo

At a Glance: Ryan Propst & Beth Muntean

Age: Ryan 39, Beth 31

Occupation: Ryan is a University of Akron graduate of the Radiology Technician program and currently a student at The Ohio State University working for his Masters in Exercise Physiology.

Beth recently graduated from the University of Akron with her Masters in Nursing with a specialty in Nurse Anesthesia and is employed with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center as a Nurse Anes-thetist.

Family: Engaged, no children

Current Residence: Columbus, Ohio

Years Training (total): Ryan 25 years, Beth 14 years

Height/Weight: Ryan 5’9”, 190 off-season/160 con-test; Beth 5’10”, 150 off-season/135 contest

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: protein pancake with UMP, liquid egg whites, and oatmeal.

Favorite Supplements: UMP chocolate and Lean Out.

Music: Pandora radio during training sessions with sta-tions ranging from Marilyn Manson to Little Wayne.

Most Inspiring Book: Ryan: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Beth: As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

Hobbies: Snowboarding, mountain bike rid-ing, free running, hiking, volleyball, boxing, watching movies, and spending time with our new puppy.

Words to live by:“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it be-comes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend” ~ Bruce Lee

We take this quote by Bruce Lee to mean whatever your passion in life is, engulf yourself in it. Surround yourself with it, become it fully. Be at peace and rest-ful when you can, but also commit fully and forcefully when necessary. Goals are only reached through dedication, discipline, sacrifice and HARD WORK.

What comes to mind when you think of a dynamic superhero team? Batman and Robin, Superman and Wonder Woman, the Wonder Twins? We may not have super powers or be famous, but at Buckeye Gym in Tallmadge, Ohio we are known as Team B&R.

I have been blessed to have the love of my life as my training partner for the last eight years. Sharing our passion in life has been incredible for us. So how did this all begin? My first experience with weight training came in the form of a Christmas present when I was 10. My parents gave me a plastic water weight set, two dumbbells, a barbell and a few plates. Yes, they were hollow and designed to be filled with water to add resistance; however, whenever I was thirsty I would just open up a dumbbell and take a drink. It was like a thirst quenching drop set.

I started weight training in earnest during my fresh-man year of high school hoping to put some weight and muscle on my skinny 5’9”, 135 pound frame. I wanted to participate in football and track. I also desired to stop getting picked on by upper classmen. I didn’t know a lot at the time about bodybuilding, but I admired the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger and would read anything about him I could get my hands on. By the be-ginning of my sophomore year I had gained ten pounds, and had begun to transform my physique. So began my love of bodybuilding.

As a high school athlete, Beth stood out in basketball and volleyball, but had no prior experience with body-building before meeting me. When we started dating she became interested in working out and started going to the gym with me. It took a few months and countless requests for spots, before she started hinting around that maybe we could become training partners. At first I was skeptical. I had never had a female training partner and never known anyone who had successfully trained with their significant other. I was quite wrong to be worried!

We clicked as training partners from the first moment, feeding off each other’s energy and instinctively knowing how and when to push one another. We started training together in 2006 and by 2007 we were getting ready for our first show.

We have competed in ten shows together. We’ve both earned our NGA and WNBF drug-free pro cards, Beth in figure and me in bodybuilding. She is coming off a great 2013 season with an overall win at the INBF Cardinal Classic and a class win at the NPC Natural Northern. I have won my weight class in all but one tested show. That loss was to the eventual over-all winner and it fueled me to train even harder. More importantly, it compelled me to maintain consistency with my supplementation and nutrition regimen. Since then I have been undefeated in tested shows. I have four overall wins: NPC Monster Mash, NGA Fall Classic, INBF Cardinal Classic and NPC Natural Northern. My most memorable achievements are the two competitions where Beth and I took the overalls together. The feeling of us as a team on stage together at the end of the night is something I will cherish for a life time.

In the remainder of this article I will share our nutrition, supplement, and training programs. We encourage you to study them, adapt them to your own programs, or follow them exactly and see if you can get the same results that we achieved.


During our contest prep, Beth and I eat the same foods except for the portion sizes. This makes it much easier for us to shop and prepare our meals together. We’ve noticed that we lose fat and our strength in the gym actually increases when we start on the diet and supplement plan listed below.

Meal 1 Pancake made with UMP, egg whites, 1 whole egg, uncooked plain oatmeal, blueberries and/or blackberries. 1-2 cups coffee or green tea, roughly 1 liter of water.

Meal 2 Chicken breast or ground turkey breast, brown or white rice, green beans or broccoli.

Meal 3 Tilapia, sweet potato or brown or white rice, green beans or broccoli or asparagus.

Pre-workout meal 1 scoop Muscle Provider or UMP and 1/2 cup un-cooked oatmeal. I either blend this in a shake or cook it as oatmeal. Either way it’s delicious and digests very quickly. We put 2 scoops of Beverly’s Glutamine Select plus BCAAs in our water bottles for the gym.

Post workout meal Blend together unsweetened almond milk, water, spinach, 6oz pasteurized egg whites, 1 scoop Muscle Provider and 1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal. I also take my Beverly Creatine Select at this time.

Meal 4 Any combination of the above, one food from each category, protein, carbohydrate and vegetable.

Meal 5 Chicken breast and a large mixing bowl size salad, consist-ing of red and green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, red and green peppers. Dressing consists of 3 tablespoons Bragg’s unpasteur-ized apple cider vinegar mixed with a little mustard and a packet of Sweat Leaf natural stevia. It tastes like honey mustard and is healthy. (No complex carbs at dinner.)

Condiments Mustard, hot sauce and anything we can find that is sugar free.

Water We drink when we are thirsty, at least 4-6 liters a day. Usually a little more if the temperature is high. However, I don’t believe in drinking gallons and gallons of water a day. This just flushes out your sodium, electrolytes and may tax your kidneys.


Meal 1: Multivitamin, 3 Quadracarn, 4 Ultra 40 liver, 4 Mass Amino Acids, 2 Lean Out

Meal 2-3: 4 Ultra 40, 4 Mass Amino Acids, 2 Lean Out

Meal 4: 3 Quadracarn, 4 Ultra 40, 4 Mass Amino Acids, 2 Lean Out

Meal 5: 3 Beverly ZMA 2000


Our training remains relatively constant whether we are in the off-season or preparing for a contest. As men-tioned above, we actually get stronger at the beginning of our contest prep phase even though we are losing weight. I believe this is due to the strict, clean eating and regi-mented supplement program. It is not until the last few weeks that we start to see a decrease.

Beth and I perform the same exercises, repetitions and sets. Although she is aware that women’s figure demands a certain look that may require over-developing certain muscle groups, her goal, like mine is to develop a well-rounded, proportionate physique.

Here are some key points regarding our training:

  • You have to check your ego at the door and focus on the form you are using over the weight people see you moving.
  • Practice the mind-muscle connection. Squeeze the working mus-cle on each rep.
  • You are only as strong as your weakest muscle.
  • We add an intensity element after completing the last set on many exercises. It may be any one of the following:
    1. 2 assisted forced reps after completing our scheduled 8 reps
    2. A drop set to failure (starting with the same poundage as our 1st set)
    3. A set of negatives to failure - we are strong advocates of us-ing negative reps in our training. It is a great way to tear down muscle tissue without beating up one’s joints.

Note: If we are too exhausted to maintain good form on any of the exercises listed below, we reduce the weight and do 3 sets of 10 reps instead of the listed schedule. An asterisk (*) on the final set of an exercise means that we usually incorporate one of the above intensity techniques.

Monday – Back/Traps:
Wide-grip Pull-ups 3x12-10-8 (*) increase weight using dip belt
V-Bar Close-grip Pulldowns 3x12-10-8
Behind the head Wide-grip Pulldowns 3x12-10-8 (*) Wide-grip pulldowns 3x8 with a 5 second negative to failure
DB Shrugs 3-4x10-15

Thursday - Bicep/Triceps:
Bicep Standing French Bar Curls 3x12-10-8 (*)
Triceps Rope Pressdowns 3x12-10-8 (*)
Bicep Seated Incline Bench DB curls 3x12-10-8 (*)
Triceps Behind the head DB Extensions 3x12-10-8 (*)
Bicep Standing DB Hammer Curls 3x12-10-8 (*)
Triceps Seated Dips 3x all to failure

Friday - Off

Tuesday – Chest/Calves/Abs:
Flat Bench Press 3x12-10-8 (*)
Incline DB Press 3x12-10-8
Incline Flyes 3x12-10-8 (*) or 3x10-10-10 depending on energy that day
Pec-Deck 3x12-10-8
Cable Crossovers 3x12-10-8 (*) or 3x10-10-10
Calves Pick your favorite 2 exercises and do 4 timed sets, 30 seconds for as many as you can do.

Saturday – Shoulders/Traps/Calves:
Seated DB Presses 3x12-10-8 (*)
Front DB Raises 3x12-10-8 (*)
Side Lateral Raises 3x12-10-8 (*)
Pec-Deck Rear-Delt Laterals 3x12-10-8 or 3x10
Barbell Shrugs 3-4x12-10-8
Standing Machine Calf Raises 3-4x12-10-8 2*
Seated Calf Raises 3-4x12-10-8

Wednesday – 1st Leg Day:
Squats 7x12-10-8-6-4-2-2
Leg Extensions 3x12-10-8 (*)
Leg Curls 3x12-10-8 (*)
Leg Press 3x12-10-8
Walking Lunges 3x15-20

Sunday – 2nd Leg Day:
Leg Extensions 3x10-10-10
Squats 5x10-10-10-10-10
Leg Press 3x15-12-10
Leg Curls 3x15-12-10
(*) On final set incorporate one of the 3 intensity techniques listed on pg 7.


Beth does three days of HIIT training and two, 30-45 minute low intensity sessions. I do not do cardio during contest prep. I feel it drains me and I look stringy. I rely on the foods I eat and not getting too far out from my contest weight in the off-season.


Be consistent! There are endless approaches to eating plans, contest preparation, training strategies and supplementation. The key is to find what works for you. Once you develop a working strategy, stay with it and give it time to work.

Two Overall Bikini Titles – Here’s How I Did It

At a Glance: Molli Smith

Age: 25

Occupation: Personal trainer at No Non-sense Personal Training/Licensed Cosmetologist

Years Training (total): 2

Height: 5'5.5"

Weight: 125

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Pre-contest I follow a low carb diet plan with a “Carb Meal” on Mondays and Thursdays. This is my favorite meal. I eat 1 cup oats, an 8oz sweet potato, 1 cup broccoli, and 1 banana for my last meal on those days.

Favorite Supplements: UMP- It is so versatile, great tasting, and very convenient with my busy sched-ule. It’s perfect for someone who can’t get in 5-6 meals a day. I have also found it to be very handy in baking (which I love to do!) Muscle Mass Branched chain amino acids during training; Muscularity with my meals to help maintain lean body mass on a low calorie diet. Lean Out- It is perfect for someone who isn’t that strict to help regulate insulin levels.

Music: Rock, Heavy Metal, & Hip Hop on my iPod

Most Inspiring Book: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Reading, Hiking, Canoe-ing, Jet Skiing, Mountain Biking, Softball, Basketball, Sand Volleyball, Camping, Skiing, Snow Tubing. I could go on and on! I love to stay active and help people achieve their goals.

Words to live by: “It’s not the will to win that mat-ters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

I grew up happy with a very active lifestyle. I was very involved in sports ever since I was little. I started playing t-ball at 5, then progressed to slow-pitch softball which turned into fast-pitch softball. I played 3 years in high school and also on a select team as a catcher, shortstop, and center fielder. Our select team actually was invited to play in a tournament in Maui! My whole team bagged groceries on weekends for months to earn the money to cover our plane tickets—it was worth it! 

I played basketball (my fav!) ever since I was 7. I was a guard on my school teams up until my senior year. I also was a setter on my schools’ volleyball teams from middle school through my junior year in high school.

All of that activity kept me in pretty good shape, but I was very skinny. I had some tone, but little-to-no muscle. I don’t know how I stayed so thin because I paid no attention to my diet whatsoever! I ate out- ALL THE TIME! Whatever and whenever I wanted to eat, I ate. Never ate breakfast unless it was a banana or a Pop Tart. I’d skip lunch half the time and just eat a huge meal before bed. Even when I thought I was eating something that might be good for me like fish, as often as not it would be deep fried. I made those kinds of mistakes all the time.

I wasn’t just clueless about nutrition, but even with my sports background, I had zero knowledge about working out. I became interested in really improving my body but I didn’t know where to turn. Then I met my fiancé, Mark Ritter, a successful bodybuilder and very knowledgeable about training and nutrition.

Within 1 year he had me ready for my first competition, the 2012 Northern Kentucky. I placed 7th in a pretty big class of girls. I loved it! I was psyched and wanted another go at it. Next time I wanted to be in the center of the top 5 line up. In the Nutrition and Supplement section I’ll give you the details of how I ramped up both for my next competition in Indianapolis, just 3 months after the Northern. One week before the show, I got a HUGE surprise… I got engaged to Mark!

I went on to place 5th at the Indy out of 17 girls! I was ecstatic. Not only did I get engaged to the love of my life (my swole-mate) just a week prior, I also had earned my first trophy. I was hungry for success and I knew I could do better if I kept pushing my-self, so that’s exactly what I did. Finally I achieved my goal of not only a class win, but an overall title at the 2013 Kentucky State. I followed that with another class and overall win at the 2013 Kentucky Muscle. Now, let’s get into how I did it.

Nutrition & Supplements


Mark put me on my first supplement regimen shortly after I started training with him. Mark’s been using Beverly supplements since 1999 and knows the product line inside and out. He explained I needed to start building some muscle if I wanted to compete. The best supplements he’s seen for this are the combo of UMP, Mass Aminos, Ultra 40, and Fit Tabs. It was a lot of pills at first, but I went from a skinny girl to a toned and shapely bikini competitor in less than a year.

I was hooked on the supplements from then on. For my second contest we stayed with the “musclebuilding supplement combo” I used for the Northern, but Mark added a trick he’d learned long ago when he worked at Beverly of taking Muscle Mass BCAA tablets throughout the workout. I also added Muscularity (more BCAAs) with my meals and Lean Out to help me, well, lean out.

My Daily Supplement Plan


UMP: 2 scoops twice daily

Mass Aminos: 2 or 3 with each meal

Ultra 40: Same as Mass Aminos

Muscle Mass: I weigh 125, so 12-15 during my workout is ideal Muscularity: 2 capsules with each meal

Lean Out: 1 or 2 capsules with each meal

My Daily Meal Plan:

One thing I can tell you that has definitely changed for me is my nutrition. It went from Pop Tarts and fast food to chicken, eggs/egg whites, lean beef, turkey, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and veggies! I now eat 6 meals throughout the day, spread 2-3 hours apart. This way I’m never hungry or too full. I also drink at least 1 gallon of water per day. If I’m trying to lean out for a contest, I’ll substitute ½ of a grapefruit for my oatmeal in Meal 1 and about 8-10 stalks of asparagus for my sweet potato in Meals 3 & 5. During contest prep, I have carb up meals on Mondays and Thursdays at Meal 6. That consists of 1 cup oats, 8oz sweet potato, 1 cup broccoli, and 1 banana.

Meal 1 8:00am: 3 egg whites 1 whole egg, 3-4oz lean beef; ½ cup oats

Meal 2 11:00am: Chocolate UMP shake 2 scoops mixed with cold water

Meal 3 2:00pm: 6oz chicken breast; 6oz sweet potato

Meal 4 5:00pm: Same as meal 2

Meal 5 8:00pm: 6oz chicken breast; 6oz sweet potato

Meal 6 11:00pm: Chocolate UMP 2 scoops mixed with water to pudding consistency PB2 sprinkled on top

I always buy in bulk and prep our meals for up to 2 or 3 days prior, except for breakfast. I always cook our breakfast fresh every morning which is an egg/beef omelet! For me, having our meals prepped in advance creates less stress throughout the day. We can just grab our container, throw it in the microwave and eat! If you are someone who is gone most of the day, I would suggest having some type of cooler to keep your meals in. Along with having all of your meals in one place, it keeps them cool and you have them right there with you so you’re not tempted to swing through a drive thru. A food scale really helps with weighing out your portions, especially if you’re cooking for more than one! If you would like more information please visit our website at

My Workouts

Monday- Chest

Incline Barbell Presses 4 sets of 12-15 reps
Incline Dumbbell Presses 4x6-8
Flat Dumbbell Flyes 4x5-max reps (Mark creates resistance on the way up and down by having me push against his forearms for 5. Then I rep out as many as I can)
Flat Barbell Bench Presses 2x10
Cable Crossovers 3x12-15

Wednesday- Arms

Barbell Curls 4x8-12
Incline Curls 3x6-8
One Arm Preacher Curls 3x8-10
Hammer Curls 3x6-8
Rope Pushdowns 3x10-15
Close Grip Bench Press 3x6-10
Pushdowns 3x10-12
Dips 3 sets of as many as I can
Triceps Kickbacks 7x12-15 (only 30 second rest in between)

Friday- Shoulders

Side Laterals 4x20 (first 5 super slow then 15 regular) Dumbbell Press 4x20 (first 5 super slow then 15 regular)
One-Arm Cable Laterals 3x8-10
Front Dumbbell Raise 3x12 (performed on incline bench)
Reverse Pec Dec 3x10-12
Rear Dumbbell Raise 3x8-12 (lying face down on incline bench)

**I will usually hit additional glutes on Monday or Saturday**

Tuesday- Back

Wide Grip Pull Ups 4 sets of as many as I can Barbell Row 4x8-10
Rack Pulls 3x6-8
Seated Cable Row 4x8-10
Hammer Strength ISO Lateral Pull Down (reverse grip) 4x8-10 together then 2-3 assisted single arms

Thursday- Legs

Giant Set - Lying Leg Curls/ Stiff Leg Deadlifts/Standing Leg Curls 4x20
Leg Extension 2x20 (super slow on 1st 5 reps, then rep out fast on the final 15)
Leg Extension 2 drop sets (max reps starting with super slow reps for the first 5)
Leg Press 4x20 (first 5 reps performed extremely slow then rep out 15)
Hack Squats 3x8-10
Walking Lunges 2 sets


Sandy asked me to include some tips on presentation. Even though this is only going to be my 3rd year in competition, I think I can give you some good pointers. The first is walk, walk, walk! I cannot stress enough how important your stage presence is. It’s very important that you look and feel confident on stage. I am constantly practicing my walk no matter if I’m 10 weeks out from a show or 2 days out. You cannot practice enough! On the day of the show you may be tired, hungry, thirsty, fatigued, nervous or scared. Trust me, I’ve been all of those! You’ll want to be able to power through those emotions, dig deep, and own that stage. Always keep a smile on your face. Think about all the hard work you put in to that very moment and how beautiful you look. Practice alone, in front of a mirror-not too much though! You don’t want to get in the habit of always seeing yourself when you practice, so make sure to practice without the mirror too! Practice in front of people and have someone video tape you while you walk so you can see what others see, and possibly some things you want to change or work on. I promise you- once you get it down you’ll be able to do it no problem. If you’ve never posed before it can be a little overwhelming. I tell my clients this all the time. First, find which poses are the most comfortable for you. Then work on putting them together in your walk. You’ll want the whole presentation to flow. It takes time, but you’ll be glad you practiced when the show comes and your confidence will shine. Good luck!

In closing, I would like to thank my fiancé, Mark for all of his wonderful help with my training and nutrition along with the best support I could ever ask for. It is such an honor to be learning from such an amazing, smart, and talented person. Also, to Roger and Sandy for having an extraordinary product line. I will never use or recommend any-thing else!

Women’s Physique: My Journey from Competitive Boxer to Women’s Physique Competitor

At a Glance: Rebecca Powell

Age: 39 (will be 40 on July 3rd)

Occupation: Branch Manager for Mueller Roofing Distributors, I am 5th generation in our family-owned business.

Family: Curt (husband), sons Christian (age 22 and also a body builder), Tristan (19) and Trenton (19) (twins)

Current Residence: Liberty Township, Ohio

Years training: 3 years

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 130 (Off-Season), 122 (Contest)

Favorite UMP recipe (off-season treat): Peanut Butter Protein Bites - 1/3 cup natural peanut butter, 1/4 cup honey, 1 scoop chocolate UMP, 3 tbsp ground flaxseed, 3 tbsp mini dark chocolate chips. Mix all ingredients together. Form dough into quarter size bites. Store in the refrigerator.

Favorite BI Supplement: Muscle Mass - This is an excellent BCAA! I used it throughout my prep to aid in muscle preservation and muscle recovery. Taking Muscle Mass during training is the secret to sustaining my intense training schedule.

Supplement Recommendation: Make it simple! Start small... more isn't always better. Follow the BI plan that best aligns with your goals.

Music: Anything from the 80s and 90s to current: Van Halen, White Snake, Prince, Journey, Eminem, Alter Bridge, Metallica and Anthrax

Most Inspiring Book: The Servant by James C. Hunter

Hobbies: Boating with my family, reading, and traveling

Words to live by: "You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win." ~ Zig Ziglar

I have always been an avid fitness enthusiast. I was raised in a very active household and physical activity has always been a part of my life. In the ‘80’s it was aerobics and later, Tae Bo. But, deep down I always wanted to be like one of the “fit” girls on the magazine covers. Although I tried to stay active as I raised a family, I really couldn’t dedicate any significant time to fitness until my sons grew older. In 2012 I began taking cardio boxing classes at a local gym and fell in love with it. After a year of boxing for fun and fitness, I decided to take it to the next level and began training to box competitively. My first tournament was at the 2014 Arnold Classic. I came in second. What an amazing experience! Following that tournament I continued to train and looked forward to my next fight.


Then, in the fall of 2014, my oldest son, Christian competed in a bodybuilding competition. It was the Natural Ohio, hosted by Dave Lieberman. My husband and I made the trip to cheer him on. We really enjoyed the show and were proud and thrilled when Christian placed first in several classes. Another highlight of the show was the Women’s Physique competition. I was completely taken aback and in awe of those women. I loved their combination of femininity and muscle without the glitz and glam of those in the Figure or Bikini divisions. Right then and there I knew that I wanted to compete in Women’s Physique. I nudged my husband and said, “I can do that…I know I can do that!”

And so my “physique” journey began. Being an “all in or all out” girl, I knew I needed help if I was going to successfully make the switch from boxer to physique competitor. Training and diet changes would be a necessity. Instead of emphasizing quickness and conditioning alone, I needed to eat and train for muscle growth and development while minimizing bodyfat. Luckily, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some amazing coaches. Coach Rob Quimby, former bodybuilding champion and owner of Fitness Lifestyle Personal Training, along with Coach Tina Triguero, IFBB Pro and owner of Tfit Training, gave me all of the tools that I needed to succeed.

20% Bodyfat to 7.7% Nutrition and Supplement Plan

Starting with a body fat percentage of about 20%, I had my work cut out for me. I began my overall nutrition and training prep about 20 weeks out from my contest. At 12 weeks out, I really tightened things up. Here is the nutrition and supplement program that I used to drop my bodyfat to 7.7% while maintaining all my muscle.

Meal 1:  2 eggs + 6 egg whites, 1 cup broccoli, ½ cup oatmeal, ½ grapefruit

Meal 2: Strawberry UMP shake

Meal 3: 6oz chicken, 1 cup asparagus, 4oz sweet potato

Meal 4: Strawberry UMP shake

Meal 5: 6oz tilapia, 1 cup broccoli

I am a busy girl so I like to keep things simple. I do all of my meal planning and prep for the week on Sunday afternoons. It takes about 3 hours but saves me loads of time during the week and it keeps me on track. I cook 10 skinless chicken breasts at a time in the crock pot with salt and pepper, Flavor God seasoning, and 2 low sodium chicken bouillon cubes. I bake tilapia with lemon juice and a little pepper. I pre-cut all of my veggies, separate them into servings and I place them all into disposable steamer bags for easy storage and cooking. Meals #2 and #4 are UMP Strawberry shakes. I prepare them the night before by adding 2 scoops to a shaker bottle with about 10oz water. I then put it in the freezer overnight. I take the frozen shake with me to work and by the time I’m ready to drink it, it’s a slushy! I LOVE it.




During my meal planning sessions, I also prepare my supplements in daily dosages and store them in a pill organizer to expedite things during the week. Beverly products were instrumental to my success. When boxing I had used various supplements, but my contest prep trainer said that Beverly was the best and helped me design a supplement plan to gain lean muscle mass while losing fat. I noticed a huge difference in my ability to gain muscle and lose fat. Here’s the program I used to lose more than 12% of my bodyfat in 20 weeks while securing all of my muscle.

UMP: (Chocolate and Strawberry) Strawberry is my favorite... a treat that tastes like cake batter!

Ultra 40: (3 with each meal)

Mass Aminos: (3 with each meal)...switched to Muscle Mass around 8 weeks out (3 with each meal and 10-15 total taken before, during and after training)

Lean Out: (2 upon rising and 2 with each meal)

7-Keto MuscLean: (3 upon rising and 3 mid-afternoon)

Joint Care: (3 capsules twice daily) I swear by this supplement...I have bad tennis elbow and as long as I keep this on board I am in good shape.

EFA Gold: (3 softgels twice daily)

Glutamine Select (2 scoops while training and 1-2 scoops throughout the day to curb hunger)

Kudos to Beverly and excellent customer service! The online ordering page is fantastic and repeat user friendly. My order is always spot-on and arrives at my doorstep within a day or two at the most!


Weight Training

I work a sedentary job from 7:30-4:30 daily, and then go right to the gym where I meet my husband. We train together for 1.5 – 2 hours, six days a week. We work with one of my coaches, Rob Quimby, on two of those days.

Rob and I focused on leaning out my legs while also improving shoulder and chest mass. Although I have a decent amount of muscle in my legs, I tend to carry some excess "baggage" there too. I trained them twice a week in completely different ways to lean them out and expose those detailed lines. My favorite leg exercises are squats alternating with 150# sled pushes. Here are the basic parameters for my training:

• Trained each body part twice weekly

• Focused on weight for reps (12-15 reps per set/4-5 sets each exercise/Increased weight with each set/Enough weight that the final few reps of the final set are very challenging and near failure)

• Use a lot of supersets




Deep heavy Barbell Squats superset with 30-yard 150# Sled Pushes
Leg Extensions and Sissy Squats superset with 20-yard steep Hill Runs
Heavy barbell Walking Lunges superset with 40-yard Sprints
Weighted Jump Squats
Dips superset with Incline Dumbbell Press
Flat Dumbbell Press superset with Chest Flyes
Barbell Bench Press
Incline Barbell Bench Press
Dumbbell Pullovers superset with Push-ups
Heavy Deadlifts superset with Seated Cable Rows
Chin-ups superset with One Arm Dumbbell Rows
Wide Grip Pulldowns superset with Bent-over Barbell Rows
Inverted Chin-ups using the TRX suspension trainer
Seated Arnold Press superset with Behind the Head Pulldowns
Standing Dumbbell Press superset with Side Lateral Raises
Barbell Press in front of head and behind
Bent Over Rear Delt Raises superset with Barbell Upright Rows
Shrugs superset with Cable Face Pulls
Close Grip Pullover & Press superset with weighted Bench Dips
Skull Crushers superset with Tricep Pushdowns
Overhead Tricep Extensions using the rope/cable
Barbell Curls superset with Reverse Curls
Standing Dumbbell Curls superset with Hammer Curls
Preacher Curls or Concentration Curls over a bench
Heavy Squats
Leg Press superset with Leg Curls
Romanian Deadlifts superset with Swing Squat Machine
Donkey Calf Raises superset with weighted Reverse Hyperextensions


20-30 minutes of fasted HIIT cardio first thing in the morning on the treadmill, 6-7 days per week- incline jog/sprint.

Evening cardio following weight training: 20-30 minutes on the stationary bike 5-6 evenings per week.

The Results

I competed in my first show in March of 2015, the NPC Natural Ohio. I was thrilled to garner second place in the Women’s Physique Open “A” Class and win the overall in the Master’s Women’s Physique division. Four weeks later, I competed in the NPC Kentucky Derby and placed third in both the Women’s Physique Open Class “A” and Master’s Women’s Physique Class. It was a great start to what I know will be a challenging but rewarding experience in Women’s Physique. A big thank you to my awesome coaches, my amazingly supportive husband and family for helping me battle through this huge accomplishment.

Cydney Gillon – Second Generation Fitness Leader

At a Glance: Cydney Gillon

Age: 23

Occupation: IFBB Pro Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer and Posing Coach

Education: University of Pennsylvania (Bachelor of Arts)

Current Residence: Douglasville, GA

Years Training: 8

Height: 5'3 3/4”

Weight: ~142 pounds in the off-season; contest weight varies

Favorite Fitness Meal: Protein Pancakes!

Favorite Supplements: UMP and Density - I used both primarily while I was in track season to make sure I was able to recover and make sure I did not burn off muscle since my cardio level was so high. Density allowed me to maintain my lean muscle tissue.

For someone who has never used Beverly before: I would say prepare to have your physique change; the better your supplementation, the better your physique. I always recommend starting with the Ultimate Muscle Protein (chocolate) because it is my favorite protein.

Hobbies: Yoga!

Words to live by: "If you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe... then, and only then, will you be successful."

Cydney Gillon's life changed when she was six years old. Not by a choice of her own, but by one both of her parents made. Her parents (Skip and Tangelea) went beyond the decision to change their lives to be healthier. Both of them transformed themselves and stepped on the bodybuilding stage. Eating healthy became the way of living in her house. But this wasn't a choice that six year old Cydney agreed with.


“I started planning to get my junk food elsewhere, at school or at friend's houses,” says Cydney. “I had little restraint on what I would eat. So much so, I developed high cholesterol by the age of twelve. My cholesterol was so high that I would get sodium migraines and my doctor suggested I started taking medication.” Cydney's mother, who was already established as a daily user of Beverly products, decided against that. Besides her high cholesterol, Cydney consumed so much sugar that she developed very bad cavities. She knew it was time to change her lifestyle.

Cydney's childhood involved visits to the gym, an appreciation for discipline and hard effort, access to Beverly International products, and now an understanding that what you eat brings about ramifications. Much like her parents, her change was not a gradual one. She wanted to compete!

Cydney wanted to do fitness but did not have the gymnastic-based tumbling skills so decided to do figure. “The sparkle and the heels are what drew me to figure,” says Cydney. She wanted to compete at 13, but was discouraged by promoters. Since they had no teen classes she was directed towards novice, but insisted on the open class. One of the promoters told Cydney that she could do a show when she was 14, making sure she had some time to reconsider. Unlike most children, she had her mind set.

“When I was fourteen, I did my first show,” says Cydney.” “And that was all she wrote from there!” Eight years later, Cydney has competed in more than a dozen shows and earned her IFBB pro card. In addition to the support of her parents, she also inherited great genetics, including a narrow hip structure and broad shoulders. “Just add muscle to it and it gives me a V-taper.”

Through her scholastic career, Cydney also excelled at sports, particularly track. Her powerful legs made her a natural sprinter, which led to her becoming a varsity track athlete at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in psychology.

Shortly after turning twenty, Cydney won the 2012 NPC Nationals. She has also placed in the top ten of all eight pro shows that she has competed in. This includes the Figure Olympia, where she placed ninth and eighth (2014 and 2015) and a ninth-place finish at the Arnold Classic-Figure International. Most impressively, she is the two-time Chicago Pro IFBB Wings of Strength Pro Figure champion.

She earns her living as a personal trainer, posing coach, and choreographer. Although young, her accomplishments allow her to motivate clients and pass on the knowledge for them to succeed.


Training is one of Cydney’s favorite ways to spend her time. She enjoys the struggle for improvement and overcoming the challenge of the weights. Pushing herself is what relaxes her. “The main thing I have learned in my years of training,” says Cydney, “is to pay attention to your body and know what works for you.”

Cydney lifts at least three times a week. She splits her body into three parts: 1) chest and back, 2) shoulders, and 3) hamstrings and quadriceps. She does not train her arms at all.

In the off-season, she spends about two hours in the gym in a typical session. As a contest approaches, she speeds things up and tries to finish within an hour. Her training varies, but here is one of her favorite intense workouts as follows:


1: Overhead Squat
3 sets of 5

2: Power Cleans (weight varies depending on your max)
2 sets of 5
3 sets of 3

3: Barbell Squats
5 sets of 5

4: Barbell Step Ups
3 sets of 6


For cardio, Cydney likes to add sprinting to her routine. When she does this, she incorporates the workouts that coaches gave her in college. As an elite track athlete, she is able to recruit serious power when she runs. This type of explosive sprinting is difficult (but burns fat quickly). This forces her to cut her workout that day in half, to avoid overtraining.

Arms By Gillon

Although Cydney’s arms are developed to the point where she no longer needs to do specific arm training, she recommends this workout for anyone who is starting to train for Figure or who needs to tone and/or tighten her arms.


E-Z bar Bicep Curls3x15 (Rest 1 min)
Hammer Curls3x15 (Rest 1 min)
Concentration Curls3x15 (Rest 2 min)
Tricep Pushdowns3x15 (Rest 1 min)
Tricep Dumbbell Kickbacks3x15 (Rest 1 min)
Reverse Tricep Cable Extensions3x15 (Rest 2 min)
Standard push-ups2x10
Diamond Push-ups2x10 (All final sets 30 seconds rest)
Cool down and static stretch

If you are not able to do body weight pushups, push yourself to not drop to your knees. You want to give each rep a try, so do one and if you do not complete the rep, reset mentally and try again until you get to 10.

If you have absolutely no upper body strength in the beginning, complete a straight arm plank, with legs slightly separated. Hold your abs tightly, and relax into the plank with no arch in your back, for a count of 20 slow counts.

Eventually you can work your way up to a full push-up.



Cydney changes her diet depending on her condition and goals. Some of the basic principles of her current eating protocol include:

• She generally likes to eat six meals a day.

• To keep her metabolism up, she eats every two-and-a-half to three hours a day.

• Hydration is important. She drinks at least a gallon of water a day.

• Her diet is super high protein, moderate carbs, low fat, with lots of veggies for roughage.

For Cydney, a typical day's eating would be like the following:

Meal 1: ½ cup oatmeal, 6 egg whites, ½ grapefruit

Meal 2: Protein Pudding! (Ultimate Muscle Protein), 1 tbsp almond butter

Meal 3: 5 oz. lean protein , 2 cups veggies, 3 oz. sweet potato

Meal 4: UMP protein pudding or shake

Meal 5: 4-5 oz. lean protein , 2 cups veggies

Meal 6: 4 oz. lean protein or UMP shake

“This year I worked on keeping more of a balance,” says Cydney. Even after a contest diet, her childhood junk food binges cannot be a part of a pro figure competitor's life. This is not acceptable if she wants to advance in the rankings. “I put together a plan in advance on what I was going to eat after the show, so I wasn't going to go crazy. I also chose a date in which I was going to get back on a stricter plan so that things didn't get out of control.” That is a realistic and wise strategy.



Due to her parents' influence, Cydney grew up with Beverly products. “Beverly is the only supplement line I have taken since day one. It has been a staple for my entire career. I will never go without it the rest of my life. It is going to be here to stay.”

Here are some of her favorite products:

Ultimate Muscle Protein: Cydney regularly consumes Beverly protein. “I used to be a protein shake lover, but I read in one of the Beverly magazines people talking about the pudding. So I had to try it out in pudding form, and I haven't had a shake since. I'm addicted to them! You have got to try mixing a scoop of chocolate with a scoop of strawberry!”

Density: Cydney uses Density three times a day to keep her body charged with high quality amino acids. “I take Density to make sure I maintain my muscle during hard workouts.”

Super Pak: She covers all her bases with a quality multi-vitamin and mineral combo. “After breakfast, Super Pak keeps my immune system on track. Without it, I don't feel as energized.”

Fast-Up: Cydney takes this to sharpen her focus, boost her energy and get the most from her training (without jitters). She recommends, “Take it pre-workout if you need a little more energy.”


As Cydney approaches a new competition season, her goal is to compete at the Arnold Classic and qualify again for the Olympia. Her long-term goal is to win both contests (and not just once).

"Having made it to the Arnold and the Olympia were big stepping stones for me," says Cydney. "The best of the best are there. It is an honor to be among them."

She has a unique situation as a top pro competitor. Although she is always the youngest in the show, she often has more experience than most in the lineup. Her future is bright as Cydney’s body continues to mature and she gets more experience in IFBB competition.

Success requires more than just training, nutrition, and supplements. A proper mental state is also important. To succeed, Cydney feels that you need to be secure in yourself and remain steadfast. “You can't let anyone's opinion let you falter from your goals. You need to press on. Life doesn't stop for your shows so you need to be resilient and bounce back from whatever is going on.” Success requires both strength and passion. Cydney Gillon has shown that she has both in quantity!

Becoming the Best Version of Me… is more Important than any Contest Placing

At a Glance: Savina Nikolova

Age: 21

Occupation: Student, University of Kentucky Graduate School (Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Focus on Exercise Physiology and Human Nutrition), future Physician’s Assistant.

Family: Mother, Father, and one older sister.

Current Residence: Lexington, KY

Years training (total): 4 years total. October 2014 started training for my first competition with my coaches, Gene and Tina Goode.

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 125 lbs (off-season), 118 lbs (competition)

Favorite Fitness Meal: 4 pan-cooked egg whites mixed with 1/3 cup oats (I use Simple Truth instant Oatmeal) and 2 packets of Truvia, 1/2 grapefruit, and one large cup of Stash Moroccan Mint green tea sweetened with Truvia.

Favorite supplements: My favorite supplements are Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean. I started taking both supplements 10-12 weeks out from a competition to help me burn fat more efficiently. My all-time favorite supplement is Fit Tabs. I take them year-round for immune system support and they work better than any over-the-counter vitamin I have tried!

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? Before you even consider taking a supplement, determine what your goal is and do your research to familiarize yourself with the supplements... Are you overweight? Underweight? Based on where you are and your goal(s), decide which supplements will get you from where you are to where we want to be. I did this with the help of my coaches, but if you don't have a coach or someone to help you select the right supplement(s), Beverly International has an expert team standing by the phones to help walk you through your selection process. I started with UMP. Later, they added Lean out, then 7-Keto MuscLean, and so on. Slowly, but surely, we developed a supplement regimen that was just right for my body and my goals.

Music: My music selection goes from one extreme to another. One minute I’m blaring rap and the next I am screaming my lungs out to some old school Shania Twain.

Most Inspiring Book: A Penny’s Worth of Character by Jesse Stuart, because you’re never too old to learn the value honesty from children’s literature.

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: I have a passion for motorcycles. I started riding dirt bikes when I was twelve and I bought my first street bike, a Yamaha YZF-R6, a few years ago. I also really enjoy traveling. I hope to see as much of the world as I possibly can in my lifetime.

Words to live by: “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.”

A year ago, I would have laughed at the thought of joining the bodybuilding world and getting on stage, especially as a bikini competitor. Before I met my coaches, I struggled a lot on my diet and exercise regimen. I hated my body and my eating habits reflected this. I went through periods from eating poorly, to not eating at all, to binge eating. I stressed all the time about food. I was doing multiple workouts a day and ridiculous amounts of cardio just trying to burn as many calories as I possibly could. I wasn’t making any progress and my health had begun to suffer, not to mention my mental outlook. That is when a friend recommended I get a coach and things began to turn around for me.


After training with my coaches, Gene and Tina Goode, for a few months they encouraged me to compete. I decided to go for it, but I continued to struggle mentally. I’d look at other women and I wished I looked like them. No matter how many exhausting workouts I put myself through, or how much I dieted, I still didn’t look like the women I idolized. It wasn’t until a few weeks out from my first show that I realized the woman I wanted to look like was myself, at my best, and I am a work in progress. I am my own motivation and my only competition.

My first show was the Kentucky Derby Festival, in which I placed 6th in Bikini Open B, 9th in Bikini Novice B, and 3rd in Bikini Collegiate B. My second show was the KY Open State Championship, where I placed 3rd in Bikini Open B, 3rd in Bikini Novice B, and was Collegiate Bikini Overall Champion.

Sure, everyone on stage wants to win, but what I’ve learned is that beating my previous best self is more gratifying than any placing. Don’t get me wrong, bringing home hardware is awesome, but looking back and noticing all the progress you’ve made is what keeps me going. That brings me to my first piece of advice – take lots of photos throughout your journey to track your progress.

My second piece of advice is to make sure you understand that preparing for a competition and dedicating yourself to a fitness lifestyle are very different. Competing requires a whole other level of dedication and mental toughness.

Twelve months ago, the women who once I idolized to become, now is the woman I look at in the mirror. Through sacrifice, self-discipline and dedication, I now have two shows under my belt and my third competition prep is in full swing. My goal is to compete at Nationals and my dream is to one day be an IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor.

The following diet and exercise tips are how I approached my first two competition preps and how I’ve started on my third. My diet changes the closer I get to the day of the competition. The way my diet changes depends on my physique and how close I am to being stage-ready.


Meal 1 (8:00 AM): 4 egg whites; 1/3 c plain instant oatmeal, 1/2 grapefruit

Meal 2 (11:00 AM): 1 large UMP Rocky Road protein pancake; 1 tsp plain almond butter

In a bowl, mix 1 scoop of UMP Rocky Road, 3oz water, and 2 tbsp liquid egg whites. Spray a small pan with non-stick spray and pour protein batter in pan. The batter should be thick, but still able to spread across a small pan with the help of a spatula. Cook on one side until the top starts to bubble, then, flip. Cook the other side for 1-2 minutes, lightly pressing the top with a flat spatula. Check to make sure both sides are cooked as desired and serve. Goes great with a large cup of black coffee sweetened with Truvia!

Meal 3 (2:00 PM): 5oz chicken breast, turkey breast, tilapia, or tuna; 2 c spinach or salad of choice; 2 tbsp Newman’s Own Lite Balsamic Dressing

Meal 4 (5:00 PM): 1 scoop UMP Cookies & Crème protein pudding

In a small bowl, add 1 scoop of UMP Cookies & Crème and a little water. Mix. Add a little more water and mix again. Do this until the pudding is the desired consistency.

Meal 5 (8:00 PM): 5oz chicken breast, turkey breast, tilapia, or tuna; 2 c low-carb vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, or green peppers)

Meal 6 (11:00 PM): 4 egg whites with 1 c omelet vegetables, such as red pepper, mushrooms, or spinach (my three personal favorites)

Carb Loading (Monday & Thursday): This meal should be consumed within the hour right before bedtime. On Monday and Thursday evenings, carb loading replaces meal 6. If you start to feel extremely full during this meal do not force yourself to finish it all at once. Never make yourself sick trying to finish any of your meals in one sitting.

Water Intake: 1 gallon of water throughout the day. Water intake is important to stay hydrated and, as crazy as it sounds, avoids bloating. Competitors, I advise you to drink more than a gallon the closer you get to peak-week and throughout the final week itself. It will help you water deplete the day of the show.


Meal Prep Tips

As far as seasoning goes, I use Mrs. Dash seasonings on my meats and vegetables because they have no sodium. For my salads, I sometimes just use plain vinegar rather than dressing (I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds!). I cook all of my meats in a pan on medium to high heat and I steam all of my vegetables, except for the asparagus, which I generally bake for 15 minutes at about 350 degrees F. I suggest keeping a few cans of canned chicken and/or tuna as a back-up plan for days where you are short on time or just don’t feel like cooking. It will keep you from skipping a meal or eating something you normally wouldn’t on those hectic days.

I believe in flexible dieting, which is why the majority of the meals provide options. The times listed are based on a typical school/work day for me. Do I eat at exactly those times every single day? No. I do, however, always eat breakfast 30 minutes within waking, eat about every 3 hours, and eat my last meal as close to bedtime as possible. The point of a meal plan is to provide your body with essential nutrients throughout course of the day.

Supplement Schedule

Ultimate Muscle Protein: Meal replacement for meals 2 and 4. (See diet for details.)

FitTabs: 2 tablets with meals 1 and 5. (Daily total: 4 tablets for immune system support. Serves as a multivitamin and iron supplement.)

7-Keto MuscLean: 3 capsules with meals 1 and 3. (Daily total: 6 capsules to reduce body fat and optimize lean muscle mass.)

Lean Out: 2 capsules with meals 1, 3, and 5. (Daily total: 6 capsules to reduce body fat.)

Muscularity: 2 capsules with meals 1, 3, and 5. (Daily total: 6 capsules BCAAs to assist in building lean muscle mass with co-factors for diet support.)

Fast-Up: 3 capsules prior to exercise. (Only as needed on those long exhausting days when I just do not feel like working out. I take on my way to the gym to boost my mood, energy and my focus.)


Cardio Schedule


Each weight training session begins with HIIT training. HIIT is not my favorite cardio type of cardio, but it definitely yields the best results. I think it is the most effective way to burn fat and preserve muscle. I stick to three forms of HIIT.

Treadmill: Warm-up by walking at a 2-3% incline for 2-5 minutes. Then, step to the sides and set the speed at a sprint. For me, that is about 8.4 mph. Hold onto the side panels and place yourself on the belt. Sprint for 20 seconds and then, holding onto the side panels, step to the sides. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat. Do this for 10 minutes making your warm-up and sprint total 12-15 minutes.

Bike or Elliptical: Warm up by pedaling slowly for 2 minutes, gradually increasing the resistance to a relatively difficult setting. On a scale of 1-10, for me, that is about a 7. Once warmed up, sprint for 20 seconds and rest (pedal slowly) for 10 seconds. Repeat for a total of 10 minutes. Again, your warm-up and sprint total should be 12-15 minutes.

Stair Stepper: Warm up for about 2 minutes. I use the interval program and set it on intervals of 20 seconds at a high-speed climb and 20 seconds at a low-speed climb. Again, do 10 minutes of intervals, total of a 12 minute cardio session.


Each weight training session is followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio Monday – Friday. No cardio is performed on Saturday or Sunday. My favorite machines for this additional cardio workout are the stair stepper or the elliptical. On the stair stepper I set it on intervals of 20 seconds highspeed climb and 20 second low-speed climb. This is the same as my stair stepper HIIT workout, but the duration of the exercise is longer. On the elliptical I also do intervals. The intervals are 4 minutes at low to moderate resistance and 4 minutes at high resistance. I generally split each resistance interval and pedal forward for the first two minutes and backward for the last two minutes. Sometimes, when I am in a time crunch, I will perform my cardio at another time of the day rather than after my weight session. On those days I generally perform cardio at my apartment, where I will jump rope, go for a jog, or do another round of HIIT on the treadmill.

Weight Training Schedule


Superset: Close-Grip Press & Barbell Curls(3x12 each)
Superset: Tricep Pushdown & Lying Cable Curls (3x12 each)
Superset: Skull Crushers & Preacher Curls (3x12 each)
Chin-Ups 3x12
Dead Lift3x12
Superset: One Arm Dumbbell Row &
Cable Row
(3x12 each)
Tri-set: Close-grip Pulldown, Machine
Row & Straight Arm Pulldown
(3x12 each)
Squats 4x12-15
Leg Press2x50
Superset: Leg Extension & Leg Curl (3x12 each)
Superset: Stiff Leg Dead Lift (3x12)
Superset: Calf Raise(3x20)
Shoulder Press3x12
Tri-Set: Side Raises, Front Raises &
Bent-Over Raises
(3x12 each)
Super Set: High-Pulls & Reverse Pec Deck(3x12 each)
Superset: Bench Press & Dumbbell Flyes (3x12 each)
Superset: Incline Press & Decline Press(3x12 each)
Superset: Raised Feet Push-ups & Pec Deck (3x12 each)
60 second Plank
50 Crunches
50 Reverse Crunches
60 second Plank
50 Mountain Climbers
25 Hanging Leg-raises
60 second Plank

Presentation Tips

Presentation will either make or break you on stage. Unfortunately, the judges don’t see how hard we work or how much time we dedicate to diet and exercise. What they see is just the few minutes you are on stage. Posing is everything. Your poses and your routine should complement your physique. No two competitors have the same presentation because no two competitors have the same physique. My coaches and I worked on my routine one day each week. If you are a bikini or figure competitor I suggest buying your competition shoes early and practicing in them. Practice your routine as if you are on stage every single time - from your smile to the way you flip your hair. It’s all about feeling comfortable and natural. The way you practice is the way you will execute your routine come competition day.

As far as beauty tips go, mine are quite simple – go with what you know. Your spray tan will cover the majority of your flaws. I get my face sprayed each time and I never wash it. You should wash your face if you plan to use an all-over face make-up. I leave the spray on to develop overnight and I use that as my all-over face color. I highlight my cheekbones with some bronzer and glam up my eyes with some eye shadow and liner. Then, layer on the mascara for dramatic effect. Lastly, I use a lip rosy lip color to add a little sass and make my teeth look a little brighter. I keep my jewelry flashy, yet subtle, and I do my own my hair in some simple style I am comfortable with. Basically, overall, I just stick to what I know and am used to.

My final piece of advice is that which I consider most important – stay true to yourself. You should pursue your fitness journey for no one other than yourself. Committing to competing is tough, but it is also inspiring. Some people will appreciate your hard work and dedication and others will not. Not everyone will understand what you do or why you do it and I’ve learned to be okay with that. What matters most is that you make yourself proud. Overall, just be honest, stay humble, and never settle.

My 9 Year Journey to an IFBB FIGURE PRO CARD

At a Glance: Karina Rhode, IFBB Professional

Age: 46

Occupation or Education: Owner/Operator of BodyWorx by Karina - massage/bodywork therapist

Family: Husband-Tony, Fur baby (sheltie)-Zephyr

Current Residence: Noblesville, IN

Years training (total): 9

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 130 (Off Season), 125 (Contest)

Favorite Fitness Meal: If I’m in a savory mood, beef cubes with roasted asparagus & roasted onions. If I’m in a mood for something sweet, Chocolate Muscle Provider Sweet Potato Cake (see Sweet Potato Cake recipe below)

Favorite supplements: By far my favorite supplements are the Muscle Provider & UMP protein powders. They not only satisfy my need for sweets but they incorporate into numerous recipes so you don’t feel like you’re missing out! The added bonus is you’re supporting your gains and recovery while you’re treating yourself to something delicious!

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? Start with the protein powders. They’re the best tasting protein you’ll ever encounter and you’ll see the results you want for your investment in the product. The proof is in the pudding (or cake, or ice cream, or pancakes, or whatever you want to make with them)!

Music: I listen to classical and new age music all day so when I hit the gym or I’m in my car, it’s heavy metal for this girl!

Most Inspiring Book: “The Power of Right Believing” and “Unmerited Favor” both by Joseph Prince

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Gardening and cooking

Words to live by: “Life is the proper binge.” ~ Julia Child

“You’ve just won a trip to the most amazing place you ever wanted to go! Oh, and your plane leaves….NOW!”

Cue me with “deer in the headlights” expression as my brain tries to process, “Wait! I have nothing packed and none of my laundry is done!”

That’s how it felt winning my IFBB Pro Card at this season’s Masters Nationals and then launching right into prepping for my first show as a Pro at the Pittsburgh Pro Masters. Well let’s just say that if I have nothing else packed, the first thing on my list is going to be my Beverly International supplements! I started this journey back in 2007 and many things have changed over the years. The one that hasn’t changed is that Beverly International has been with me ever since I began and I’m not going anywhere without them!

I’ve always been very active and never had any real weight issues until I got married. The reality of getting a desk job coupled with matching eating habits with a husband who is blessed with a lightning fast metabolism scored me a weight gain I’d never experienced before. It happened slowly and I didn’t really notice it since I gained it symmetrically pretty much everywhere. So as a result, I didn’t think much about it until one day I nearly fell on one of my clients while doing a Thai massage. I was horrified. It was at that moment I realized how weak my core had become and how unaccustomed my body was to all the additional weight. My peripheral awareness for balance with these two factors in play had become seriously compromised! The next day I hired a trainer and haven’t looked back.

I had no intentions to become a bodybuilder. When I started, I simply wanted to get back to a weight where I was comfortable in my body again. Along with the weight gain, I was also noticing premenopausal type symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings. I was only in my early to mid 30’s so I knew this was wrong. My first trainer worked with me on balance and beginning strength maneuvers and prescribed cardio. I started tracking calories and serving sizes and getting a better handle on what to eat for myself rather than blindly matching portion sizes with my husband.

It didn’t take long to master the basics and soon I was on to trainer #2 who coached me in developing strength through heavier lifting and kettlebell training. I was fascinated by the connection between muscle function, development, and metabolic activity. I got hooked on Oxygen magazine and admired the physiques of the gals on the pages. They looked strong and healthy. When I realized that these ladies were Figure competitors, I had to know for myself how it felt to train like that. Enter trainer #3, an old school classic women’s bodybuilder. I told her I just wanted the experience of training “LIKE” a bodybuilder but had no interest in competing. Well that was enough to open the door for her. Before long, she was hounding me to compete. She said I had the symmetry and the drive and encouraged me to consider it.

I still remember the phone call I made to her one day while standing at the gas station filling up the car. “Are you just blowing sunshine up my skirt about me being right for competition or are you really serious?” After she stopped laughing over the choice of words I had just used, she swore she meant every word so I gave in and we picked my first show.

I quickly realized I was going to need help. Preparing for a contest wasn’t your everyday style of eating and training. I was going to need help in metabolism and recovery (especially at 37 years old). I had a good trainer but I needed a nutrition plan. Suddenly I was facing uncharted territory: an ocean filled with protein powders, BCAA’S, pre-workouts, and fat burners. I knew enough about the human body to know that most of this at the local sport supplement store was pretty much flotsam and jetsam. I needed a company that actually cared about the people who used their product. Enter Beverly International.

I had been introduced to UMP by trainer #1. To this day, it’s still one of my favorites! Between the taste and the fact I actually could see changes as a direct result of having it as part of my diet, I contacted Beverly International directly. I was able to speak to a real human being who actually sounded passionate about the product from more than a commission standpoint. We spoke at length about what my goals were and by the time I was done, I had my first stack of supplements geared towards my specific training program!

Two years after this conversation, I won my IFPA card. If I wasn’t hooked before, I certainly was now! I did one show as an IFPA Pro and pretty much got my booty handed to me. Up until now, I’d been writing my own diets and had gone as far as I knew how to go. It was time to get serious and hire a diet coach. In addition, since I’d scaled the mountain of that particular competing club, I figured, while I was at it and changing stuff up, I might as well go for what I considered to be Mount Everest (a.k.a. NPC/IFBB). Now I was on to trainer (& diet coach) #4. I was a little concerned when I first hired him because I had a comfort zone with Beverly International. I knew it worked for me and I was a little apprehensive the diet would come back with a bunch of supplement garbage on it. To my surprise and relief, when I opened my diet document, there were a host of Beverly International supplements (including my beloved UMP)! Well, that made me feel really good about hiring my coach! Obviously this man knew quality when he saw it!

Four years after signing on with him (also my last and still my present coach), I finally claimed my IFBB Pro Card! Like I said, a lot of things changed over the years but one thing has stayed the same. Four coaches and two pro cards later, the core of my supplement program has always been Beverly International. Consistent and faithful. And we’re just getting started!

Chocolate Muscle Provider Sweet Potato Cake

130g raw sweet potatoes
35g Beverly International Chocolate Muscle Provider
½ tsp baking powder
2 pkts Stevia in the Raw
5g Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4-1/2c brewed coffee

Spray foil with cooking spray. Seal sweet potatoes & one ice cube in foil packet & bake at 400 degrees for 55 minutes (yes, they'll burn a little but that's ok - you want them to caramelize). Leave sweet potatoes sealed in foil pack until they cool (keeping the moisture in the packet will help release the caramelized potatoes from the foil).

Mix together baked sweet potatoes, Muscle Provider, baking powder, stevia, cocoa powder, & vanilla until blended well & no chunks of sweet potato remain. Add in enough coffee to make a pourable batter. Pour mixture into a baking dish sprayed with cooking oil. Put dish in a cold oven & set temperature for 375. Bake for approximately 25 minutes.

Eat the whole thing! It's one serving for your meal! If you want to share or save some for later, just split the macros below. You  can make this with as little as 125g of sweet potatoes or as much as 175g. More or less than that and it tastes a little starchy or the consistency is a little lacking.


Add 15g Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips to the batter before baking and top with fat free whipped cream

I’ve made 4 batches at the same time when traveling and just cooked them all in a 9x16 pan. Then did my best to cut them into 4 EQUAL serving days (refrigerate unused portions). You’ll be testing your willpower with this approach, however, trying not to mooch some from the next day because they’re that good!!!


I stick to the basic meats and starches. For variety, I swap out my veggies. I use onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and celery all for good crunch and satisfaction. Another trick for changing up my menu is the vast variety of spice mixes I have on hand. Broccoli, rice, and chicken can go Mexican, Cajun, or Asian quickly with just the shake of a spice! I also love quantity, which is why I limit carbs during the day so that I can have popcorn at night. I love eating it one piece at a time and I split a bowl of it almost every night with my husband. It gives us both the feeling of something normal when we can share a treat in my contest prep! And as for sweets, thanks to Beverly International’s protein powders, I’m never at a deficit!

All values are pre-cooked with the exception of the rice.



Meal 1: 70g Steel cut oats with a mini pack of Sunmaid raisins, stevia, cinnamon, & pinch of Penzeys Spices sweet ginger bits, 150g raw egg whites & 18g raw egg yolk scrambled (1 whole egg + 4 whites)

Meal 2: Muscle Provider shake or Chocolate Muscle Provider Sweet Potato Cake

Meal 3: 150g chicken breast and 50g brown rice over cabbage salad (served warm with salsa and Cajun spices)

Meal 4: 150g chicken breast

Meal 5: 130g beef cubes with oven roasted onions and asparagus, 2.5 ounces air-popped popcorn sprayed with olive oil

Meal 6: UMP shake or UMP soft serve ice cream

Fortunately for me, I like to arrive early for a lot of things including Peak Week. As a result, I don’t do a traditional Peak Week because I’m already stage ready. I  just stick to my weekly prep.


Supplements Schedule

Morning Cardio: 6 GH Factor + 3 Lean Out

Meal 1: Super Pak + 3 Joint Care

Morning Lifting Session: 2 scoops Muscle Synergy Powder + 1 scoop Creatine Select

Meal 2: Muscle Provider as a shake or cake

Meal 4: 2 Lean Out

Evening pick me up drink: 1 scoop Glutamine Select + 1 scoop Muscle Synergy made into a slushy (Hey! You can never have too much recovery support!)

Meal 6: UMP shake or UMP ice cream + 2 Lean Out

Bedtime: 6 GH Factor

UMP Soft Serve Ice Cream

35g vanilla UMP
9g sugar free Jell-O instant pudding
powder (butterscotch is my favorite)
2 pkts Stevia in the Raw
½ c crushed ice
½ -1 c water
½ c frozen cauliflower

You’ll need a beast of a blender to pull this off. I have a VitaMix so if you haven’t invested in one yet, you might want to consider it.

Put all ingredients in the blender. Start blending speed on medium-high and use plunger to keep pushing ingredients towards the blades. Use more water if you need but this mix should be VERY thick and will take a little time to work into the blades. Keep mixing until smooth and a steady vortex forms. You will also notice the mix doubles in size (let’s hear it for increased volume – HOORAY!).

Using spatula, scoop out ice cream. Eat right away or freeze for up to 2 hours for a firmer set.

No blender? Skip the ice and cauliflower and add just enough water to get the mix to a pudding-like consistency. Blend all ingredients using a whisk and freeze for 2 hours.




During off-season, I try to build and spare muscle as much as possible so my cardio is relatively short consisting of four 20-minute sessions per week. 2 HIIT & 2 LISS.

In prep, I’ll do as many as 6 sessions per week alternating HIIT & LISS. 3 HIIT sessions at 15 minutes (including 5 minutes each warm up and cool down for a grand total of 25 minutes) and 3 LISS sessions for 40 minutes (where I’ll feed my spiritual, self inspirational literature while reading on my recumbent bike!)


As a Figure competitor with short collarbones, my biggest challenge has been to create a great v-taper. Doing my best to widen my chest, back, and shoulders while tightening and narrowing my midsection has been a quest akin to hunting for the Holy Grail!

For me, every upper body workout begins with 30 wide grip 1-1/2 pull-ups. Begin with hands set wide and overhand grip on the bar. Start in full extension and pull up above the bar. Lower your body so your head is just below the bar and then pull back up. This is one rep. Return to full extension and repeat the sequence as many times as you can (no kipping!). Rest when you need to but get in 30 total.

As for the waist, I’ve stopped using weighted abdominal exercises. Instead, I’ve implemented two kinds of abdominal work that have made big changes for me in less than 10 weeks!


“Shhhh… she’s had a hard workout. She’s probably sleeping.” Ha! Nope. I am doing my abdominal exercises! The beginning of this prep season I found an article about how the old school bodybuilders such as Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger trained to get tiny waists. The technique is referred to as “vacuum training” and may be done lying down, standing up, sitting, or even on all fours. The muscle trained here is the transverse abdominus. It’s the body’s deepest of the abdominal muscles and its function is to hold in and support the abdominal contents. By pulling the belly button in towards the spine as hard as you can and holding it there for a duration of time, you’re training the transverse abdominus to become tighter and better conditioned. The result is a smaller waistline and it’s easier to hold your tummy in while you’re on stage.

• 25 basic crunches concentrating on keeping belly button pulled in tight towards the spine
• 1-minute vacuum hold
• Repeat sequence 3x’s without rest

Great thing about vacuum training is you can do it anytime and anywhere without folks knowing you’re doing it! I like to do it in the car on my drive home from work. I try to hold the vacuum for as long as I can or between certain major intersections just to make the drive home more entertaining.


Another exercise I’ve found beneficial is the seated twist. This helps on two fronts: 1) it tightens the oblique muscles, and 2) it helps you get a better range of motion when you twist in your posing on stage which, in turn, contributes to the illusion of a smaller waist.

Sit on an exercise ball that allows your knees and hips to be at 90-degree angles. You may do this with a broomstick or dowel rod across your shoulders or just holding your arms out. Keeping both feet on the floor and hips level, twist using only the oblique muscles. Twist as far as you can and look behind you. Your body will follow your eyes so the further you attempt to look behind you as you twist, the more range you will gradually achieve. Hold and squeeze at maximum range and then rotate to the opposite side and repeat. I do 100 of these (50 per side). I also employ vacuum holding while I do so for the added benefit!


How you pose and your suit can make or break you in a second! Here are two of my secrets:

1. Stand up straight and hold your chest high. Imagine that there’s a string attached to your sternum pulling your chest up. This results in stretching out (and up) the abdominal area, which in turn lends to the illusion of a narrower waist.

2. Make sure that your suit bottom is pulled up high on the sides. Many competitors allow the sides of their suit bottoms to be below their belly button. This makes the legs look short and the waist look thicker. Wearing them parallel in line with the belly button adds to the illusion of an accentuated v-taper, longer legs, and smaller waist! And be sure to glue those suckers so they stay where you put them!

In Closing

I got into competing to see what my body could do and man, have I learned a lot! After every contest, I love going over the elements of the journey. I learn something new about myself every time and I’ve grown not just as a competitor but also as a person. Win, place, or show, I encourage you to enjoy the ride. Take the time to look at where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished regardless if you have hardware in your hands for the effort. My ultimate goal every time has been to learn something about myself that helped me to grow stronger in life. If you can do that, you’ve won!


“Beverly International has been with me from the beginning and I’m not going anywhere without them.”

How I Won the Tampa Pro & A Ms Olympia Invite

Photo by BodyGraphics Photography

At a Glance: LaDawn McDay

Age: 46

Occupation: 23 years as an educator (currently HS special education), Manager of 1 Fit Joker Tanning

Family: “Mama Ruby”, Jay Pratt, Lexi (dog), Tyke (cat)

Current Residence: Detroit, MI

Years training (total): 20 years, Competing (16 years)

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 165 (off-season), 150 (contest)

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: A special meal consists of grilled salmon with Brussel sprouts, walnuts and grilled apples over quinoa, or Beverly International UMP Chocolate Pancakes (see sidebar for recipe

Favorite Supplements:
Super Pak:
Provides all the macronutrients/vitamins I need
My favorite meal replacement
ZMA 2000:
Helps improve my rest and sleep
Glutamine Select:
This is great for my recovery
When dieting, it’s the best BCAA formula for preserving muscle

What would you recommend to someone getting started on Beverly supplements? I would recommend starting with a good source of protein such as Ultimate Muscle Protein or Muscle Provider, I would also include Super Pak or FitTabs as a great vitamin/mineral source, Glutamine Select to relieve muscle soreness and speed recovery time and Lean Out as a fat burner.

Music: I have been listening to Ozzy Osbourne, 90’s Classic Rock and the Blues

Most Inspiring Book: Left to Tell by Immaculee llibagiza and The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Spending time with my wife and puppies

Words to live by: “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way, if you don’t you’ll find an excuse”- Jim Rohn

The Road to the Olympia Qualification

In the competitive world of bodybuilding, 2020 began like the 15 previous years of my contest prep history. My vision and goals were discussed. A plan was executed
to showcase my growth and improvement from the previous season. With a contest prep diet in hand, Beverly supplement list, cardio and training schedule too, I was well on my way to producing my best package ever. Oh the excitement I felt while selecting the perfect show, making travel arrangements and focusing on my competition goals.


I was about 6 weeks out from my first competition of 2020 and for the first time in years, I felt that I was ready to display my best look on stage. Like everyone, I was in total disbelief when the news spread about a virus with the name Covid-19. This virus made an impact on our lives in a matter of days as I watched the life that I was so comfortable with stop abruptly. The fear, doubt and disbelief that plagued most of us during the quarantine was almost too much to bear. All aspects of life including age, occupation, race, religion, gender and your community felt the effects of this pandemic. My community was hit hard by Covid-19 with friends, family and students fighting the virus head on. The governor immediately passed executive orders to shut down all businesses including the gym and all K-12 school buildings. So began the quarantine life.

What am I going to do now?

Here I am prepping for a show and my livelihood has now been taken away and for how long? The two most important places that are an integral part of me and define who I am have been taken away. How can I prep for a show if I can’t train? What am I going to do if I can’t interact with my students and families who depend on me for guidance and support? What will happen to my students? What about my mother who is in and out of the hospital and considered high risk? My mind became consumed with negative thoughts. I became complacent and made excuses as to why attempting to compete during the pandemic was a waste of time. I mean who could possibly think about a diet at a time like this?

I Have to Make a Decision!

After several weeks of being in quarantine things began to shift in a more positive direction. I began to teach remotely while reconnecting with students, staff and family. I was feeling like I could fight through this. My coach, Jay Pratt, made it clear that we had work to do. I had competitive goals that still needed to be met. My goal was still the same, bring the best version of me. He pointed out that I should take advantage of the time in quarantine and make the best of it. He gave me the tools and support that I needed to persevere. He created a quarantine plan that incorporated a more rigid schedule for prepping and eating meals as well as a cardio and training schedule that could be implemented around my remote teaching. This gave me purpose and order among all of the chaos. From there I had to check in 2-3 times
a week with pictures and a log to ensure that I was utilizing all of the tools he gave me. This also allowed him to make any adjustments to meals or cardio sessions. As the show date approached, I was feeling great and back on track. We added grueling posing sessions after each workout to improve my conditioning.

The Tampa Pro

The IFBB Tampa Pro is one of the most competitive shows outside of the Arnold Classic and the Olympia. I have competed in this show five times with placings as high as third and as low as 16th but this time would be different. I really wanted it and I was done making excuses. The Tampa Pro was also an Olympia qualifier this year. This would be the first time in six years that the Olympia would again host a Women’s Bodybuilding division. Most would think that my past placings would discourage me from trying a 6th time to be in the winner’s circle. I don’t give up so easily. Going to the Olympia would be a dream come true. I was determined and focused plus I had something to prove to myself. If I can train, stay healthy in a community that was hit hard by Covid, I can accomplish anything.

Competition Day

This was it, the moment that I had been waiting for. I was ready to take the stage. When I removed my mask and entered the stage, I was confident, poised and knew without a shadow of a doubt that the judges would be seeing a new and improved version of me. Later on that evening, I received the best news of my competitive history, and for the first time since turning pro, I finished in first place with a Ms. Olympia qualification in hand. This was the best feeling in the world.

Presentation Tips

If I could offer any advice when it comes to presentation is to begin posing at least 8 weeks before any competition. You may even want to hire a posing coach in your area. Stage presence is extremely important and you want to make sure that you are confident on stage and showcase poses that compliment your physique.

What I have learned during this journey is quite simple. “If you really want to do something you will find a way”. Patience, perseverance, dedication and a good support system helped me win the Tampa Pro amidst a pandemic. The work doesn’t stop now. I will take the tools that I used during this pandemic and apply it to my journey of the Ms. Olympia.


Diet Plan
Pre-Contest (Starting 12-14 weeks out)

Meal plan remains the same give or take a few ounces of protein here or there.

Meal #1: 1 cup of egg whites, 1 whole egg, green veggies (spinach), ¹⁄₂ cup oatmeal

Meal #2: Muscle Provider 2 scoops with water

Meal #3: 4-5oz chicken breast, salmon or white fish, 1 cup green veggies, ¹⁄₄ cup rice

Meal #4: Same as meal 2

Meal #5: Same as meal 1 without the oatmeal

Meal #6: 3oz NY strip and 6-7 asparagus spears


Supplement Plan

(I use all the supplements listed leading up to show date)

Super Pak: each morning with Meal 1 after training

Lean Out: (2-3 capsules twice a day) each morning before fasted cardio and again in the afternoon with my 2nd session of cardio

Glutamine Select: (1 scoop, 1-2 times a day) each morning during my lifting session and again in the afternoon with my 2nd cardio session (as I am getting closer to my contest date)

Muscularity: (2-3 with every other meal) with Meals 1, 3 and 5

Advanced Antioxidant: (1-2 tablets) with Meal 1 or 2

Muscle Provider: (2 scoops in water twice a day) as a Meal replacement.


Beverly International

UMP Chocolate Pancakes

Ingredients: 2 Scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein chocolate, 3 egg whites, ¹⁄₄ cup oatmeal, add enough water to make a batter consistency.

Directions: Mix ingredients. Cook in a pan at low heat until little bubbles appear and pancakes start to brown. Flip and wait a minute or so, and bam! Perfect pancakes!


Training Schedule

As I am writing this, gyms in my state are still closed. During quarantine I had access to some equipment and was able to train my upper body without having to make any adjustments. But I did have to make adjustments on leg days so I’m sharing both my pre-Covid leg training as well as that which I followed during quarantine. I typically train 2 body parts per day hitting each twice per week. The second go around may be higher repetitions and less weight than the first session. I also use resistance bands as much as possible, high repetitions with medium weight.

DAY 1: LEG TRAINING (Prior to Gym closing)

DB Walking Lunges 4x20

BB Squats 5-6x20

Leg Press Machine 4-5x30

Leg Extensions 4-5x30

Lying Leg Curl Machine 4-5x20

Standing Leg Curl 3x20

Glute Bridge with Plate 4-5x15

Hyperextensions or DB Deadlifts 3x1



Shoulder Press 4x20

Lateral Raise 5x20

Front Raise 5x20

Rear Raise 5x20

Upright Rows 4x20


Lat Pulldown (wide grip) 5x20


Pull Ups 5 sets to failure

Lat Pulldown (close grip) 5x20

Dumbbell Rows or T Bar Row 4x25

Dumbbell Pullovers 5x20

Deadlift or Hyperextensions 4x15



DAY 1: LEG TRAINING (During Quarantine)

Alternating Lunges 5x20-25

Jump Squats 5x25

Dumbbell Squats 5x25

Step Ups (with DB) 5x20

Glute Bridge (with DB) 5x25

DB Donkey Kick 5x15 on each side

Mountain Climbers 5x30

Burpees 5x20

Jumping Jacks 5x25



DAY 2: Bicep/ Tricep

BB Curls 5x15

DB Curls 5x20

Hammer Curls 4x20

21 Curls 5 sets

Triceps Kickbacks 5x20

Triceps Pushdowns 5x20

Bench Triceps Dips 5 sets to failure


DAY 3: Chest

Push-ups 4x20

Dumbbell Flye 5x20

Dumbbell Bench Press 5x20

Incline Dumbbell Press 5x15

Incline Dumbbell Flye 5x15



I usually spread my cardio sessions throughout the day. 2-3, 30-minute sessions, 5-6 days per week focusing on intensity.

My first session of cardio is always fasted.

Session 1: (5-6 days per week)

Walk 2 minutes, run 1 minute for 30 minutes

Session 2:
(4 days per week, skip on leg day)

Stairs/Bleachers, run up, walk down (30 mins)


Session 3: (5-6 days per week)

Cycle Bike, vary resistance for 30-45 minutes


Abdominal Exercises – 5-6 days

Leg Raises 3-4 sets of 30

Crunches 3-4 sets of 5

Scissors 3-4 sets of 30

Twists 3-4 sets of 30

Ms. Natural KY Bikini Shares Her Lifestyle Challenges, Training and Diet

At a Glance: Julie Parent

Age: 24

Occupation: Full-Time Admin for University of Cincinnati’s Central Clinic, Trauma Treatment Facility. Part-Time student at Northern KY University in Masters of Health Informatics, and Part-Time student at Strayer University in Masters of Health Service Administration

Family: I have one older sister, Josiane (28) and I recently became an aunt and godmother to my nephew, Rowen Patrick.

Birthplace: Montreal, Canada

Current Residence: Newport, KY

Years training (total): 10 years total, 1 year for bikini

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 145 (off-season), 138 (contest)

Favorite Fitness Meal: Protein Pancakes! I’m a sucker for breakfast foods, so this is definitely what I look forward to when I wake up every day! Favorite Supplements: Muscle Synergy is my favorite supplement. I take one scoop before training and it increases my pump and vascularity so much... It’s awesome!

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? UMP is the best protein, hands down. I have recommended it to so many people for numerous reasons. Not only does it taste amazing, but it is so versatile in how you can prepare it. You can drink it straight, make protein pudding, ice cream, bake with it, etc. I’ve never made anything with UMP that didn’t turn out delicious.

In your CD player: Krewella or Dance Cardio Pandora Radio stations are always playing when I’m training and/or doing cardio.

Most Inspiring Book: “Heaven Is For Real” by Todd Burpo

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Anything outdoors owns me. I love to go on a nice run or walk through town, and spend most of my weekends in the summer on Lake Cumberland with some of my closest friends.

Words to live by: "There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure." ~ By Paulo Coelho

I have always had a passion for athletics - from little league soccer, basketball, track and field, to cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics. In high school, I narrowed my competitive focus to the dance team, but, I still signed up for every Physical Education class that Corbin High School offered. One of my classes was weightlifting with the football team. I loved it! Even though I thought it was far-fetched at the time, that’s when I first entertained the thought of someday entering a physique contest. Upon graduating, I attended the University of Kentucky where working out took a back seat to my course load. Although I managed to get in the gym when I could and played intramural sports in my sorority, I would have to wait until after graduation to take things to the next level and pursue my goal to compete.


Even after I earned my undergrad degree there was still one obstacle I had to overcome before I could step on stage – my fear of the unknown. I knew the only way to overcome my anxiety was to take action, and there was no time like the present. I started researching competition prep coaches in the Northern Kentucky area (where I moved following graduation). After a lot of research and several personal recommendations, I joined Julie Lohre’s FitBody Competition Team. With her guidance and knowledge, and the encouragement of the team, I not only stepped on stage, but took home several awards in the Bikini division. In my second show, ever, I won 1st place NANBF Ms. Natural Kentucky Bikini.


Lifestyle Challenges

Before getting into my actual diet and workout schedules there are a couple of lifestyle challenges I faced that I’d like to share with you.

My job is not the typical 9-5, which makes staying on top of my nutrition, supplement, and exercise schedule a task in itself. I work for Central Clinic, an extension to University of Cincinnati's psych department. The division I work in is focused on trauma treatment therapy for children, visitation for foster kids with their biological parents, and alcohol and drug dependency group therapy. I work 10 hour days, with a 45 minute commute each way. I wake up around 5:30am to knock out some cardio before starting my work day. After work I drive
directly to the gym for weight training and any remaining cardio. By the time that I get home in the evening, it's around 9:30pm. That’s when I prepare my food for the next day and complete any homework I need to do for either of my school programs. I carry my Isolator Fitness cooler everywhere I go, which is how I'm able to stay on track throughout the day. Being gone so long, I eat all of my meals while I'm at work, so preparation in advance is the only option for me. I fix and weigh out all of my food the night before, that way in the morning I can just throw everything in my cooler and go. It's always comical the looks I get from my coworkers and sometimes clients when I drop everything I'm doing to take my supplements or run and get my Tupperware every 2-3 hours.

Another area I've had a hard time adjusting to throughout prep is the fear of "missing out" on social events with my friends and family. My goals and fitness ambitions are different than a lot of other 24 year olds, so making plans becomes a little more complicated for me. I love to travel, so I was weary of how that would work with my prep. If I go out of town, I have to be sure that I plan everything out, which is sometimes kind of stressful. But it's doable. I spent 10 days at the beach with my family in the middle of my prep, and it actually was easier than I thought it would be. My suitcase contents were 50% clothes and toiletries, and 50% UMP tubs, food scale, and my other Beverly supplements. My carry-on was my Isolator Fitness bag (which is TSA approved, ice packs and all), filled with everything I needed in order to stick to my plans during a full day of airports and flights. Again, it's all a matter planning.

My Contest Prep Plans

Contest prep definitely took some getting used to; however, I’m thankful that my coach, Julie Lohre, made it as straight forward as possible. My plans were altered based on check-in’s and body comps throughout my prep, so as I was changing, so were my plans. But, here are the basic diet, supplement, and workout schedules that I used for my contest prep.



Meal #1: Protein Pancakes (1 scoop UMP, ½ cup of oats, and 3 egg whites)

Meal #2: PB& J (2 pieces of low cal/high fiber bread,1tbsp peanut butter, 1tbsp sugarfree jelly),1 apple

Meal #3: Taco Salad (4oz Ground turkey, ½ cup of black beans, ¼ cup of avocado)

Meal #4: 2 scoops UMP, 1 banana

Meal #5: 4oz grilled chicken, ½ cup zucchini, baked sweet potato fries

The number one tip I have is to make everything in bulk and prepare it for a few days in advance that way everything is already ready. It eliminates guess work on what to fix if in a time crunch, and ensures you stay on track.


Supplements Schedule

Lean Out: 1 with 5 meals per day (Fat loss)

7-Keto: 3 in AM, and 3 in afternoon (Thermogenic/Appetite suppressant)

Density: 3 with 3 meals per day (Muscle gain with fat loss)

Fit Tabs: 2 in AM, and 2 in afternoon (Multivitamin)

Glutamine Select: 1 scoop before training (Reduce muscle soreness, enhance recovery)

Muscle Synergy: 1 scoop before training (Strength & muscle gains)

UMP: 3 scoops per day (see meal plan above)


Training Schedule

I work out with weights five days a week taking Sundays and Wednesdays off. My favorite muscle group is a toss-up between legs and shoulders. I think that it is very important to push myself every week to go up in weights and increase strength, even if it’s just 2.5lbs. Here’s my workout.




Lat Pulldown4 x 10-12
Bent-over BB Row 4 x 10-12
Straight-arm Pulldowns 4 x 10-12
Wide Stance Squats 4 x 15-18
DB Deadlift 4 x 15-18
Low Cable Kickback4 x 15-18
Hamstring Ball Curl-ins 4 x 15-18
Flat Bench Press 4 x 10-124 x 10-12
DB Fly 4 x 10-12
Pushups with feet elevated 4 x 10-12
Standing BB Curl4 x 10-12
Hammer Curl4 x 10-12
Ball Crunch 4 x 15
Hanging Leg Raises 4 x 10
Obliques 4 x 10 (each side)
DB Lateral Raises4 x 15-18
Bent-over DB Raises 4 x 15-18
Sumo Deadlift High Pull4 x 15-18
Press Downs 4 x 15-18
Bench Dips 4 x 15-18
Reverse Decline Crunch 4 x 15-18
Floor Crunch with weight 4 x 15-18
Leg Press 4 x 15-18
Walking Lunges with weight 4 x 15-18
Leg Extension with pause 4 x 15-18
Standing Calf Raise 4 x 15-18
Pushups 4 x 15 super setted with…
Switch Lunges4 x 15
Crunches 4 x 25 super setted with…
Squat Jumps with Medicine Ball4 x 15
Lying Leg Raise4 x 15 super setted with…
Bench Rebounds4 x 15
Seated Overhead Press 4 x 10-12
Front Raises 4 x 10-12
Inverted Pushups 4 x 10-12
Plank Position DB Row 4 x 10-12
Assisted Pullups 4 x 10-12


I do high intensity cardio on the StairMaster for 45 minutes, 4 times per week. I split it up in 2 sessions, if my schedule allows. I tend to lose some steam after about 25-30 minutes, so in order to make sure that I am giving it 100% the entire time, splitting the 45 minutes into 2 sessions works best for me.

Presentation Tips

Practice makes perfect!! I can’t stress that enough. Your posing routine is what ties in all the hard work and preparation you have done leading up to the show. Looking comfortable and graceful in 5in heels is not as easy as it looks. Also, trial runs on your hair and makeup BEFORE the show are super important. That way you already know what works and what doesn’t so that you don’t have to stress out on show day. There is so much happening on the day of your competition, usually starting at 8am, so there is very little room for trial and error

Some Final Advice

It's okay to say no. It took me a while to understand that when I changed my priorities, I would have to say no to some things I’d normally do if I were not prepping for a contest - usually food related. Sometimes the people around you, no matter how supportive, won't understand your journey unless they are going through it themselves. And that's okay. It also doesn't mean you have to be antisocial. The best thing you can do if you are struggling with this, like me, is to surround yourself with supportive and understanding people. Joining the FitBody Team was the best thing I could have done. You will undoubtedly find yourself messaging your team members and coach about the most off the wall things. I constantly reflect on some of my conversations with one of my teammates, who has become like a second sister to me, and laugh because who else would understand how to measure the perfect tablespoon of peanut butter??? Looking at the big picture and setting/tackling personal goals is what helps me every day. When I step on stage, I take great pride in knowing that I didn't cut any corners and deserve to be standing next to some amazing athletes.

Magic Happens! Iryna McCraw’s Road To Success

There are various levels of gym devotion, from the lazy gym wallflower (that directs equal effort into cable crossovers as they do to texting on their cellphones) all the way up to the all-or-nothing iron fanatic (that wouldn't think twice about missing his mother's funeral if it falls on leg day). The best lifters, however, land somewhere in the middle, with their fitness goals being very important to them, but just one part of a very rich and balanced life.


Russian-born immigrant Iryna McCraw is an excellent example of someone that fits family, career, and training into a life in which she can excel at all three. Her resume includes raising two happy, well-adjusted children; the founding of her own training business (Success Fitness Systems Gym in Madisonville, Kentucky) with a full roster of one-on-one, group and online clients; and a number of championship placings in figure competitions, with the goal of eventually earning her IFBB pro card. But Iryna was not always certain for fitness success. She faced a well-defined turning point which led her to completely transform her lifestyle.

Iryna's defining moment occurred following the birth of her first child in 2001, when her body weight rose to an unhealthy 210 pounds. It was this moment of reckoning that served as the impetus for her to force dramatic change, with the gym, kitchen (and eventually figure stage) being the staging grounds for that rebirth.

Iryna found that having a weight problem was extremely difficult, both from a physical and emotional perspective. "I was embarrassed to wear certain clothing," Iryna says. "I remember wearing long stretchers under my jeans so I wouldn't look so chunky. I also remember feeling very intimidated in the gym with my chubby arms."

"I didn't know how to start," Iryna recalls, "but I knew I had to do something." Due to her competitive nature, the hard work, even if not necessarily focused in the right direction, started to change her body. “I began pushing myself even harder in the gym and experimenting with nutrition. With consistency and determination, the results that I wanted began appearing.” This is when she started to get the attention, and help, from more experienced lifters in the gym. They mentored her and (most importantly) showed her the areas she needed to explore to get her training, nutrition and supplementation right.

When the results in the gym really started to show, Iryna was told that she HAS TO compete in figure events. It turns out this is exactly the motivation and focus she needed to give her efforts greater purpose. She first competed in 2004 at the NPC Kentucky Muscle, and she has since continued to compete, even winning the overall at the 2011 Northern Kentucky Figure, one of the most competitive regional events in the country. Her goal is to win an IFBB pro card. A goal that seems attainable by someone as driven as Iryna.

It was at the 2004 Kentucky Muscle show that Iryna met Sandy Riedinger. “I asked Sandy for her feedback on my physique and how I can improve because I knew deep down inside that there is no turning back for me!” Iryna not only received competitive guidance from Sandy, but she was introduced to the Beverly International products, which have contributed greatly to her progress.

Iryna has created a foundation and support system of like-minded women that bolsters the support she receives from her family and clients. “Meeting so many wonderful and strong women inspires me to continue. I am now officially hooked! I approach my daily workouts with great enthusiasm.” She looks forward to her training sessions each day, as it helps her relieve stress, sharpen her focus and discipline and continually challenge and improve herself. “Staying healthy and fit is necessary for me to have the energy to balance my busy life. It is necessary for me to stay sharp in all areas... mental, physical and emotional... and is something that my healthy lifestyle affords me.”

Since starting, Iryna has become a student of the game, learning everything required to optimize her training, nutrition and supplementation. This has allowed her to share that knowledge with her clients, both those that train in her commercial gym and those she helps through her online coaching business ( Their progress mirrors her own and not only has driven the success of her coaching, but made her work extremely fulfilling. “I can't imagine myself living without working out and the way it makes me feel.”

Iryna's Training Program

As a busy trainer and someone who values her family time, Iryna keeps her training fast-paced and gets things accomplished quickly. This is part of the reason she makes great use of super-setting, to cut down her rest periods. This follows her “working my muscles, not my mouth” philosophy. In addition to being an efficient way to train, Iryna also feels that the short rest
periods contribute to keeping her lean. Here is a typical week's training:


• Alternating Lunge Jumps 3x30 (warm-up) explosive split movement
• Leg Extensions 4x10 super-setted with...
• Walking Lunges 4x20
• Weighted Side Lunges 4x10
• Leg Curls 4x15 super-setted with...
• Abductor Machine 4x25
• Good Mornings 4x10
• Leg Press (wide-stance) 4x30

• Heavy One-arm Dumbbell Press 4x12,12,10,8
• Arnold Press 3x10 super-setted with...
• Palms Up Laterals 3x20 to emphasize front delts
• Alternate Dumbbell Front Raises 3x15 super-setted with...
• Decline Push-ups 3x20
• One-arm Lateral Raise 3x12 super-setted with...
• Full-range Laterals 3x20
• Bent-over Lateral Raises 3x12 super-setted with...
• Plate Front Raises 3x20

• Incline Bench 4x12
• Cable Crossovers 3x15 emphasizing the bottom half of the movement
• Heavy Flat Flyes 4x10 super-setted with...
• Explosive Push-ups 4x10
• Flat Dumbbell Press 4x15
• Pec Deck 3x10
• Pullovers 3x15

• Dumbbell Rows 4x12
• Dumbbell Deadlifts 4x10 super-setted with...
• Hyperextensions 4x10
• Wide-grip Pulldowns 4x12
• Narrow-grip Pulldowns 4x12
• Wide-grip Behind-the-Neck Pulldowns 4x12
• Bent-over Pulldowns 4x10

• Wide-stance Leg Press 4x15 (light)
• Narrow-stance Leg Press 4x10 (heavy)
• Weighted Walking Lunge 3x20
• Straight-leg Deadlifts 3x15
• Leg Extensions 4x15 super-setted with...
• Adductor Machine 4x25
• Alternating Jump Lunges 3x30

• Dumbbell Skullcrushers 4x10 super-setted with...
• EZ Bar Preacher Curls 4x10
• Incline Hammer Curls 3x15
• Supinating Dumbbell Curls 3x15
• Standing Cable Curls 3x15
• Bar Dips 3x10
• Narrow-grip Pushdowns 4x20

Additional Info


Iryna does not train abs on any particular day or with a specific program. She trains them occasionally and without heavy weights as she wants abdominal development without thickness. She also finds that they already get worked since they are stabilizers for everything from squats to triceps pushdowns.



Iryna usually doesn’t do any cardio during the offseason to ensure that she maintains her muscle gains. She starts her contest prep diet twelve weeks out, which does not include cardio until four to six weeks out (depends on her fat loss progress and overall conditioning). Her cardio is 30-35 minutes long, four times a week and includes sprints and the Stairmaster in the late evenings. “I like looking ready two weeks before the actual event so that I can polish a few things without killing myself and don't look exhausted and flat,” says Iryna. This level of year-round preparation keeps contest dieting from being torturous. “I guess all of us at some point need to realize everything we do in life voluntarily needs to be enjoyable.”



Iryna practices her posing all year long. “To be honest, I never stop. I think it is fun, improves my posture, and helps me project a natural look on stage.” Iryna makes this part of her consistent regimen.

Iryna's Nutrition Program

“We all know where abs truly are made... in the kitchen!” says Iryna. If you follow a clean diet of healthy foods with proper caloric amounts, you will have no problem seeing your six-pack. Here are examples of Iryna's eating protocol...


Meal #1: 1 cup scrambled Liquid Egg whites, ½ cup oatmeal (before cooked) with 1c Carbmaster milk (Kroger brand), 1tbsp unrefined coconut oil, 1tbsp chia seeds, 1tbsp flax seeds

Meal #2: 5oz baked fish with 1 ½ c fresh bell pepper and cucumber

Meal #3: 5oz grilled chicken breast, 1c of brown rice, ½c homemade guacamole

Meal #4: 2 scoops UMP mixed with 1c egg whites, ½c water and ½c ice, 4 low sodium rice cakes

Meal #5: 4oz lean ground beef burger, 4oz sweet potato

Meal #6: 1 scoop chocolate UMP pudding with PB2 spread on 2 apple cinnamon rice cakes

Meal #7: (30 min. prior bedtime) 3oz flank steak, 2 hardboiled eggs (no yolk), ½ avocado

Contest Prep

Meal #1: 2 scoops UMP mixed in 1c egg whites, ½c water, ½c ice, 2 rice cakes

Meal #2: 5oz chicken breast, 10 asparagus spears, ½ avocado

Meal #3: 5oz flank, 5 Brussel sprouts with 2tbsp salsa

Meal #4: (post workout) 2 scoops UMP mixed in 1c egg whites, ½c water, ½c ice and 2 rice cakes

Meal #5: 4oz lean ground beef burger, 4oz sweet potato

Meal #6: 1c liquid egg whites omelet with spinach and mushrooms

Meal #7: (30 min. prior to bedtime) 5oz fish, 10 asparagus spears

As an energy snack, I have a half grapefruit twice during the day.

I drink about one-and-a-half gallons of water a day and add about an extra gallon during pre-contest with extra electrolytes added to the jug.

She has a number of recipes using Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) as the base, but her Banana Nut Muffin Tops recipe is her favorite (see below).


• 2 cups UMP Vanilla
• 1 cup apple sauce
• ½ cup sweetener (stevia)
• 1 cup liquid egg whites
• 2 mashed bananas
• ½ cup fine chopped pecans (optional)
• 2 cups oats bran
• 2 tbsp coconut oil
• 1 tbsp baking powder
• 1 tbsp vanilla extract
• 2 tbsp banana extract

1. Preheat oven to 350°.
2. Combine all ingredients.
3. Stir until well blended.
4. Pour into Pam-sprayed muffin top pan and bake about 12-15 minutes.
5. Muffin tops should be firm in the center when done and must be refrigerated or frozen.
6. Pop it in the toaster in the morning or eat cold on the go. Good for pre- or post-workout healthy treat.

Supplementation Guidelines

Iryna has been taking Beverly International supplements since 2004! “I subscribed to the Beverly No Nonsense magazine and also received one of their books about the benefits of taking BI products. It provided easy, step-by-step guidance for beginners all the way up to advanced bodybuilders.” Beverly is more about passing on proper knowledge than selling products. That said, they also have a line of supplements of the highest quality. “Our bodies must recover with best available supplements on the market,” says Iryna. “You can’t go wrong with Beverly. I have been using it for years and it works!”


Iryna’s Favorite Beverly International Products

Ultimate Muscle Protein: “The one and only! Occasionally, I have tried different brands but always come back to Beverly products for the best flavor, texture and quality. UMP also helps me with my sweet cravings.”

Glutamine Select: “This is the best during/post-workout recovery drink made! Plus, it also contains BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, valine) which helps maximize recovery and build solid muscle.”

Ultra 40: “The ingredients speak for themselves. BEEF it UP!!! This is made to gain lean quality muscle. It contains heme iron, the most bio-available form of iron in the diet.”

Quadracarn: “Quadracarn gives me tremendous energy, drive, pump and muscle hardness. I absolutely love the way it makes me feel.”


The Beverly line of products have become a consistent part of Iryna's daily intake. She also lists the Super Pak and/or Fit Tabs among her regular purchases, and adds in 7-Keto MuscLean and Lean Out as a contest approaches. “I also take them during work travel and family vacations.”

The Beverly International products are well-regarded by all members of the McCraw family. Iryna's husband Ron also set a goal to feel better overall and lose weight (he lost 50 pounds) and included Beverly supplements in his diet. 14-year old son Daniel, who plays football, uses Glutamine Select for post-workout recovery. “My 3-year old daughter Eva even likes to sip on my vanilla UMP shakes!”

Since her livelihood is based on providing results, Iryna also makes it a point to recommend Beverly products to all of her clients. “The changes with using Beverly have been unbelievable!” says Iryna. “Supplements help my clients to stay focused and always on top of their game. They are busy people so if I can teach them to incorporate a shake and supplements into their routine, it will easily fit into their hectic schedule and keep their energy levels stable. And the taste of Beverly’s protein is truly the best. I dedicate my life to helping people who want to achieve their goals, and Beverly is a helpful part of that.”

Iryna McCraw serves as a great example of how a person can make the decision to go from a life of quiet desperation to accomplishing amazing things. “With the right nutrition, training, supplements, unwavering focus, determination and belief in yourself, magic happens! I truly believe that there is nothing that is unattainable. Trust yourself. Trust results. Trust Beverly!”

Ten Years and Still Evolving

At a Glance: Sarah Sweis

Age: 34

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Family: married to the man of my dreams, three children, Gus 7, Greyson 6, and Saylor 2. And one very large poodle, Romeo.

Current Residence: Washington, Michigan

Years training: I began consistently going to the gym at age 16, and began competitive bodybuilding at 21.

Height: 5’2-1/2”

Weight: 128 (Off-Season), 120 (Contest)

Favorite clean eating meal: UMP pumpkin pancakes (you have to try these!!!!)

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? I always recommend UMP first, but I stand behind every product. You really can’t go wrong.

Music: I have different music for different moods I’m in, usually Lincoln Park or Disturbed for leg days, Iggy Azalea, Nikki Minaj, and Pit Bull for most other days. I’ve also been enjoying motivational videos on You Tube - when I need an extra push.

Hobby: My world revolves around my family. I spend all of my free time doing fun things with my kids. We are a big soccer family, so lots of our time is spent at the fields practicing, playing, or at games.

Words to live by: “Pain is only temporary.” This quote can be applied to so many things in life, its simple and to the point.

My initial introduction to weight training was tagging along with my family to the Vic Tanny spa at an early age. My mom was the sales manager there and would let us in the gym after hours. I loved being in the workout area, picking up different weights, and trying to use the machines. I still love it today.


When I grew older I began working as a personal trainer. At the time, a female’s only choice was bodybuilding and I just didn’t think my physique was right for competition. Then I heard about a new division, Figure. I thought, “This sounds like something that might be just right for me.” After attending my first local competition I knew my intuition was correct. I began to train for my first figure competition.

That first competition was scary and thrilling both at the same time. At that time I weighed about 105lbs and placed 5th in my class. After the show two things were sure; (1) I knew I wanted to continue competing, and (2) I needed to focus on improving my physique. Seeing how serious I was, Jesse Dale, the manager of the facility where I worked, recommended I try Beverly International. I’d used various brands of supplements before, but was blown away by the results I got from Beverly.

That was over ten years ago and my physique has improved constantly over the years. I’ve learned and evolved with each competition prep. But, one thing has not changed; I still use and recommend no other brand but Beverly International. As you read on, I’ll tell you more about how I prepared for my latest contest.

Contest Prep Nutrition

Because I tend to stay fairly lean year round I typically start my show prep 8-10 weeks out. I take a very moderate approach to my prep. In fact, not much really changes for me other than slowly adding in cardio and adjusting my supplement regimen at the 6 week mark.

One tenet I follow both off-season and precontest is my family comes first. That means I am careful that my preparation for a contest does not interfere with their lives. Preparing meals in advance is vital. Since I love anything grilled, turkey burgers, chicken, strip steak, and hamburgers (97% lean) are a staple in our house. Along with the grilled meat I also prepare an assortment of grilled vegetables (peppers, mushrooms, onions, and squash). I usually fix two or three days’ worth of meals at one time.

For my contest diet I follow Figure Plan A from the Beverly Pre- Contest Manual, here is a copy of that plan direct from the manual:

Beverly's Figure Plan A


Meal 1:
1 whole egg + 3 egg whites, 3oz very lean meat, 1/2 cup oatmeal – (both meat and oatmeal is measured/weighed before cooking)

Meal 2: Choose an option

Option A: Protein shake with two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, one tablespoon healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream plus very cold water

Option B: 1 can tuna, one small apple or orange

Meal 3:
5oz lean meat (chicken or other lean protein source), 1/2 cup cooked brown rice or 4oz sweet potato, 1 cup vegetables or 2 cups green salad with 2 tbsp vinegar and oil dressing

Meal 4:
Two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein in 16oz water

Meal 5:
6oz salmon or very lean meat (chicken breast, fish, turkey breast, lean beef - sirloin, filet, etc.), 1 cup low carb vegetables and salad with 2 tbsp vinegar and oil dressing

Meal 6:
(This is an option if you reduce meal #4 to one scoop protein; you get to make up the rest with meal #6. Which is better? – Whatever works better for you.)

Option A: Protein Shake or Pudding: 1 scoop Ultimate Muscle Protein, add enough water to make a shake or pudding the consistency you desire

Option B: 6 egg whites with 1 cup of vegetables

This plan provides me with a ton of food, and lots of needed energy. I can honestly say I am never hungry during prep. In fact, I find myself not finishing some meals. I also switch up some of the foods if I become bored. (Jasmine rice, red potatoes, etc.) I also like to keep jello cups (sugar free) on hand in case of a sweet tooth emergency.

Lifestyle Supplements

Supplements have been a key success factor for me. My year round “lifestyle” supplements are Fit Tabs, UMP, Glutamine Select, Creatine Select, and Mass Aminos.

UMP - I can’t say enough about this product. I don’t know what I would do without it. I religiously make protein pancakes and shakes for my entire family. The taste is incredible, it keeps you full and is perfect if you need something sweet.

Fit Tabs - No explanation needed here, they are a well-rounded vitamin that everyone should incorporate into their diet.

Glutamine Select - At first I wasn’t noticing much impact from Glutamine Select. Then I stopped taking it! My workouts became less intense; I was sore and run down all the time. Now it’s definitely on my top three list.

Creatine Select - I have only added Creatine Select into my arsenal this past year. What a difference! I have put on five pounds of solid muscle and on my small frame that makes quite an impact.

Mass Aminos - I’ve been taking Mass Aminos year round for years. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle and I love knowing that I have these working for me day in and day out.

Contest Supplements

At the 6 week point I add in 7-Keto, Lean Out, and Muscularity.

7-Keto MuscLean - An amazing product! I get an energy boost and it keeps my metabolism cooking, helping me to get the extra fluff off.

Lean Out - another key product in tightening up. It really takes your body up a notch.

Muscularity - has been a secret weapon of mine. I get an extra sharpness to my physique in just a couple of weeks when I take it.

My Training

My training has evolved over the past ten years along with my body. I used to do a typical gym workout - 30 minutes of cardio, 3 sets of each exercise, a bit of stretching, and go home. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good workout plan, but I got to the point where good wasn’t good enough for me. What about great? I knew I would have to further challenge myself and my training slowly began to evolve. My current workout and cardio can best be described as “quality over quantity”, while continually trying to break through old limits. I set goals for my training and as soon as I achieve one I set a new goal. For example, one of my original goals was to be able to perform one wide grip pullup without assistance. Now I can do ten. My new goal is to do twenty. I use this same goal setting process for nearly every exercise that I do. It could be to achieve a certain number of reps, use a particular poundage, or even reduce rest intervals between sets of a particular exercise.

I currently workout six days a week with Sunday off as follows:

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Back, Shoulders

Wednesday: Chest, Biceps, Triceps
Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Legs
Saturday: Back


Most of my workouts incorporate a variety of basic exercises. I add in ab specific movements a couple days a week. One of my current workout innovations is to alternate various plyometric moves with my standard exercises. Here’s an example of how this works on my Friday leg workout.

• Squats alternated with “low jumping jacks”
• Sumo squats alternated with “woodchopper lunge”
• Seated leg press alternated with “split squat jump”
• Standing hamstring curl alternated with “bench jump squats”
• Lying hamstring curls alternated with various “high knees” exercises

Note: you can Google these exercises to view proper performance. Work into them slowly. At first, you might want to do each plyo exercise for 15 seconds. Slowly work up to 30-45 seconds per exercise. A great device to measure your “work” and “rest” intervals is the Gymboss. I’ve been using mine every workout to set predetermined rep and rest times.


My cardio is minimal compared to many competitors’ standards. Off season I do 15-20 minutes, 4-5 days a week. Precontest I typically do 20-40 minutes, 5-6 days a week. I add it in a little at a time to make sure I don’t compromise my hard earned muscle. I tend to use the stair mill most often and work in 1 minute on - 1 minute off intervals. I also enjoy spinning and doing lunge intervals on the treadmill at a high incline.

In Closing

I often have people asking me why I work out as hard as I do. Well the answer is simple, “It’s fun!” If I could give one piece of advice to people looking to change their bodies it would be, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”. Figure out what will inspire and motivate you and keep that in your mind every day. Don’t set an end goal or a finish line- reach one goal, set a new one, and keep going.