Intermediate Muscle and Power Training Program


TuesdayWednesdayFridaySaturday or Sunday
Chest (hvy)Quads (hvy)Chest (light)Back (hvy)
Triceps (hvy)Hams (hvy)Triceps (hvy)Biceps (hvy)
Delts (light)Shoulders (hvy)

*Abs on Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday
*Calves – 1 exercise up and down the weight stack for 15 reps per set Tuesday & Friday.  No more than 8 sets.
*Split may be changed to Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri.

All Protocols are Sets x Reps



Incline Bench Press – 6 x 6

Flat DB Press – 6 x 6

High Pulls – 4 x 4

Heavy Laterals – 3 x 8 each way (front/side/rear)

Pressdown – 4 x 10 


Leg Press – 6 x 6

Squats – 6 x 6

Hack Squat – 6 x 6

Leg Curl – 5 x 8

Leg Extension – 4 x 10



Speed Bench Press – 8 x 3 (60% of heavy day [Tues])

Flat DB Press 6 x 6 (85% of heavy day)

Shoulder Press – 6 x 6

Lying French Press – 6 x 6

Dumbbell Kickouts on Incline Bench – 4 x 8


Reverse Grip Barbell Row – 6 x 6

Medium Grip Pulldown – 6 x 6

Seated Good Morning – 6 x 6

Barbell Curl – 6 x 6

Preacher Curl – 6 x 6

Note:  on 6 x 6 Exercises start with a weight you could perform 12 reps with on week one, but only do the prescribed amount. Use the same weight for each set.  Progress slowly. It’s important that you get 6 reps on all 6 sets over the first five weeks. The final week should be an all-out max effort to get six reps on each set!  For all other exercises, start the first week with a weight that would allow you to perform at least four reps more than the prescribed amount (but again only perform the target number of reps) and progress each week. 

This is a progressive workout that relies on gradual continuous success – not failure.  Your goal should be to complete every rep (Unassisted!) each workout.  If you reach failure prior to week 5 on any of the exercises then you started too heavy or are trying to progress too fast.  A realistic progression would be a 5-10% increase in weights each week.


High Pulls – This is a powerful and explosive version of upright rows.  Start with your knees bent, and the bar about half way up your thighs.  Initiate each rep with the power and explosiveness coming from your hips (just like you would on hang cleans).  This will enable you to use more weight and develop more power. Pull with your elbows high until the bar reaches the top of your chest. Lower and repeat.

Speed Bench Press – Lower the bar in a controlled manner and explode up as fast as possible with the bar.  Do not bounce off your chest but explode.  Speed is the whole key to this exercise – it is far more important than the weight. Start with about 60% of your regular bench press weight.  If your reps are not explosive then lower the weight to only 50% of your heavy day and work your way up to 60% over the 6- week program. Rest only 45 seconds between sets.

Dumbbell Kickouts on Incline Bench – This exercise is for triceps power. Lay on an incline bench face up.  Start with the end of the dumbbells resting on your chest with your palms facing down towards your hips.  Your elbows should be pointing out and up. The dumbbells should be nearly touching each other at the start. Extend the dumbbells with your triceps.  In the finishing position your arms should be extended as if they are in the finished position of an incline barbell press.  Lower to your chest and repeat.

This program focuses on Bulk and Power especiallyshoulders, chest, and overall pressing strength.  The accompanying diet has a nutritional progression and strategy to ensure your success in adding mass and power.  


1 Super Pak with meal #1 for nutritional micronutrients and muscle building co factors

4 Ultra 40, 4 Mass, 1 Multiple Enzyme Complex with each meal

Muscle Synergy: 8 first thing in the morning; 8 more - 30 minutes prior to workout; and 8 Muscle Synergy immediately following your workout. On non-training days, take Muscle Synergy twice – 8 in the morning and 8 more midafternoon. 

Glutamine Select: Sip 2-3 scoops mixed in water during training

Creatine Select: 1 scoop with each meal for 5 days. For the next 5 weeks take 1-2 scoops daily.  *On training days, take 2 scoops pre-workout (with Muscle Synergy). Non training days – 1 scoop.


Add one additional Ultra 40 tablet and one Mass Amino tablet to each meal on week 4, then another on week 5, and a third additional Mass and Ultra 40 to each meal during week 6. This will end up as 7 Mass tablets and 7 Ultra 40 tablets with meal during week 6.

*** Good luck. I added nearly 15 pounds of lean mass in just six weeks on this program. Please e-mail me your questions at