The Road to Your New Body

Who’s got my keys?… Driving the road to your “best-ever” BI body!!!

We all choose different avenues. Some of you will thrive in the fast lane, choose short cuts, and hope you avoid any speed traps. However, there is also the slow-go lane. It’s not so bad either.

You might be passing others on the Body Highway, or YOU might be getting passed by… UH OH….

Let’s hope you are not getting cut off!

Whether you’re burning rubber on a drag strip, or taking the cautious route along a lengthy stretch of highway filled with bumps and potholes, your destination is well worth the trip – a permanent, positive body composition change.

Why don’t you take BI along with you? OK, let’s go! Start your engine, shift out of neutral (hopefully, you’re not in reverse) and put your motor into DRIVE.

Now that we took a brief detour on your road to a better body comp, it’s time to take your first driver’s test.

These are some of commonly asked questions from our BI users!

Answer TRUE or FALSE.
________ 1. The best place to store your BI protein is in a cool dry place.
________ 2. The Protein scoop is always right on top of the powder when I first open the container.
________ 3. UMP can be used at night time as a sleeper protein.
________ 4. Rocky Road does not have nuts in the mix.
________ 5. You must always use a full scoop of protein.


1. True. Keeping it in the sun, your trunk or on the top of the refrigerator is not recommended.
2. False. Sometimes when transporting, the scoop may end up buried a few inches from the top. It could be hidden. Use a knife or big spoon and search for it.
3. True. UMP is 80% slow released casein and can be used at night time for “all night” gains and recovery.
4. True. There are no NUTS in the new UMP Rocky Road mix.
5. False. You may use whatever you feel is best for your nutrient intake. Some use 1 scoop, others may use 1.5 scoops. You choose!

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