Questions We Get



_______ 1. All BI proteins are gluten free.
_______ 2. Beverly International has such a loyal following because it spon-sors a number of athletes with free supplements.
_______ 3. Beverly articles are writ-ten only by individuals that use BI products.
_______ 4. Beverly’s No Nonsense Magazine is a very small publication.


1. FALSE: UMP Cookies and Crème and Mass Maker Ultra (both flavors) are not gluten free. UMP vanilla, chocolate, and rocky road are gluten free as are Provosyn, Muscle Provider, and all other BI supplements.

2. FALSE: BI does not offer any Athlete Sponsor packages. BI operates differently than other industry brands. We rely on word-of-mouth from real world BI users to spread the word about Beverly International rather than paid endorsements. We believe this adds to the integrity of our brand and allows us to put our capital into higher product quality as opposed to better marketing. Even though we do not offer sponsorships, we do offer the opportunity for free exposure in our No Nonsense magazine.

3. TRUE: Trusted BI users submit articles with photos in hopes that they will be chosen for the magazine. Magazine placement is never promised ahead of time, articles are written by the BI Clients. A major difference between No Nonsense and mainstream fitness publications is that the No Nonsense authors tell you what they actually did to achieve their goals.

4. FALSE: We continue to print more and more mags each issue. We are now at 100,000 plus per issue. They are mailed out to our subscribers in all 50 states. Your No Non-sense subscription is free with no-strings-attached. We think the information is so valuable and important that we are willing to keep No Nonsense as a free magazine.

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