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People commonly ask us if there is a difference between Muscle Synergy Pow-der and Muscle Synergy Tablets. We de-cided to make a powder for those of you (myself included) who prefer a powdered drink rather than taking more pills. Oth-ers still prefer the tablets. Some use both forms, powder at home and tablets at the gym or work. The ingredient profile is the same, the dosing is the same, and the price is the same for both product styles. Both powder and tabs will last you the same amount of time. The powder tastes like a lemon fizz while the tabs have no taste when swallowed. The time for acti-vation is a bit quicker with the powder... maybe just by about 10 minutes.

BI wants you to have it your way. YOU choose what is best for your life-style!! Synergy is used by competitive athletes and gym goers alike! Synergy is ideal for anyone desiring a significantly better workout with GREATer Gains, a muscular healing and growth affect, muscle wasting prevention coverage…. kind of like muscle insurance, and lastly, increased blood flow that generates an awesome pump. This product is made for adults of any age. Keep in mind… Just like Creatine Select, Muscle Synergy is very beneficial for those over 50.

1. What happens if I get a container without a scoop?

Muscle Synergy1 scoop 1 heaping tbsp
Creatine Select1 scoop 1 heaping tbsp
Glutamine Select1 scoop 1 rounded tbsp
Muscle Provider1 scoop 1/3 cup
UMP 1 scoop 1/3 cup rounded
MMU1 scoop 1/2 cup

2. What products are on the safe list to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?
A. We suggest conferring all questions concerning supplementation with your OB-GYN. From what we have seen, UMP and MP have been recommended. Always check first.

3. What happens if I get a product that has a manufacturing date on it but no expiration date?
A. You simply add 2 years to the manufacturing date. This is considered the BEST USED BY date.

4. Is it ok to take 7-Keto and Fast Up together at the same time?
A. It’s ok to take them both during the same day, just not at the same time… Make note: Due to the amount of caffeine in both products, we suggest not taking them together. Better to wait a few hours in between each product dose. Example: take 2 or 3 7–Keto Musclean at 7:00 am, wait at least 3 hours (10:00 am or later) before taking 1or 2 Fast UP.

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