Part 1 of 2: Question and Answer series about protein

We want to share some knowledge to prep you for challenges in the coming year!

Q: As a woman, I’m worried that a protein powder might bulk me up. I don’t want to gain weight.

A: There’s no need to worry. Women and men of all ages regularly report that they get leaner, not bulkier, while using Beverly protein supplements.


Q: How big a serving of protein is considered optimal for building muscle?

A: A 20g serving of protein is considered optimal. This assumes we are talking about a high-quality protein source such as milk (whey and casein), egg, or beef.


Q: How many times a day should I eat protein?

A: Shoot for at least 20g of high-quality protein every 4-5 hours. This is just a rule of thumb. Your total daily protein requirements may differ depending on several factors.

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