Out with the old, and in with the new Ruth Reynolds!!

On her 63rd birthday Ruth returned to the gym with a 10 pound saddle bag on each hip and a total weight of 146 pounds. Her goal was to weigh 135 pounds at 18% body fat. Same as she weighed one month after she won the Ms Cincinnati in 1987. She decided to follow the same level one, two, and three principles that she used then.

May 2012 – Level One (Starve the fat)

Weight = 146 lbs at 31% body fat with belly rolls, cellulite, and large saddle bags on each hip.

Game Plan: 1600 calories, 7-KETO, ZMA, FIT TABS / Large body part H.I.I.T. one hour/4 days/week to increase BMR.

Dec 2012 – Started Level Two (Feed the muscle)

Weight =126 lbs at 16% bodyfat… Fat is all gone, but lacking muscle tone.

Game Plan: 1800 calories, UMP, Mass Aminos, Ultra 40 Liver , 7-Keto, ZMA, Multiple Enzymes, EFA Gold, Joint Care / Large body part H.I.I.T. one hour/4 days/wk.

Jan 1st 2013 – Level Three

64 years old, 5’7”, 130 lbs at 18% body fat, along with 3 Kids, 7 Grand Kids, and 2 Great Grand Kids

Game Plan: Increase calories to 2000 with 40/30/30 ratio of macro nutrients to reach 135 lbs at 18-20% body fat. (Same as she was in 1987)

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