Joyful Transformation

Seeing the Driscoll’s transformation just made me joyful. They put the work in and the reward was 10-fold!

Lenia Driscoll writes… In the Summer of 2018, I tipped the scale at 284lbs and was feeling really down with hardly enough energy to play with our kids. My husband, Sean, weighed 200lbs, drank too much beer, was bloated, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We knew something had to change for our health and wellbeing. We have 3 beautiful boys we wanted to see grow into healthy adults and we knew we had to be the role models and set the example of a healthy lifestyle for them to follow in the steps of.

I kicked off my journey with intermittent fasting, or 16/8 (16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating). My husband opted to do 5 small meals throughout the day eating most of his carbohydrate distribution in the morning and low carbs in the afternoon/evening. I concentrated on a low carbohydrate, high protein diet. I ate salads with lots of protein sources on top like chicken, shrimp, hard boiled eggs and sometimes tuna. For dinner, I always ate what I make for my family, minus the starchy sides.

One day at a family gathering, my brother-in-law raved about Beverly International products that he had been using for 2 decades and recommended we try them out. I started with UMP Protein shakes, Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean. Sean started with UMP shakes, Quadracarn, GH Factor, Advanced Antioxidant, Mass Aminos and Ultra 40. Within 6 months I lost 60lbs, hubby lost 30lbs. We both felt fantastic, stronger and our overall happiness and confidence increased dramatically. Our gym routine was to do 6 days of 60 minutes of weight training with cardio for 30 minutes, 4 times per week. In the months following, I continued to shed the weight and am now down 110lbs and hubby is now putting on more muscle. He started taking Mass Maker Ultra and increased his caloric intake.

The Summer of 2019 was fantastic! We had so much more energy to play with our boys, take them hiking, to the beach and Disney. I wasn’t ashamed to wear a swimsuit in public and hubby felt confident to go shirtless at the pool. It’s now been over a year since we embarked on this journey and I am happy to report my husband hasn’t had a drink, is off his blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and looks and feels better than ever! I have been able to keep the weight off and enjoy shopping in normal stores instead of the plus sized clothing stores I had to previously resorted. We couldn’t have attained the success we’ve had without the help from Beverly International supplements! They have been key to our transformation and we are so very thankful!

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