Longtimer Jeremiah Forster decided to go without BEVERLY after using BI supplements for 15 years without a break… Here is what he wrote about his experiment.

Many may remember me being featured in the Fall, 1999 No Nonsense Newsletter as an up and coming bodybuilder. (You can still read this article on the Beverly website, click on Articles at the top, then scroll down to Back Issues part 3 of 3.) I have been a Beverly user and advocate ever since and even worked at the Beverly headquarters for 5 years.

About a year ago my family and I moved to a new state and I left the fitness industry to begin a new career. With new responsibilities and focusing on my new career, I kept training but took a break from my supplement regimen. Many of you may think, “So What?” But for me it was a big deal and even scary. Over the years I had become almost obsessive about keeping my body fat low. At any time I could tell you what it was within a tenth of a percent. Over the past 5+ years I have gauged my progress with my bodyweight, my performance in the gym, and a simple skin fold test on my abdomen. I have had at least 100 body fat tests done over my bodybuilding career, so I knew if my ab reading was “X” then my body fat was “Y”. At the time of my break from Beverly I weighed about 190lbs with an ab skin fold of 8mm.

For the next 6 months I trained 3-4 days per week, ate very well and never lost focus on my goals to maintain a high level of fitness, muscularity and strength. But, month by month, my results became increasingly depressing. At the end of 6 MONTHS I had lost 10lbs, my ab skin fold was up to 16mm and my shirt sleeves were becoming much looser. I experienced what every bodybuilder hates (aka losing muscle and gaining fat). YUCK!!! I didn’t like how I felt or how I looked and to be quite honest with you I was not really sure what to do.

I have been coaching people online (since my days at Beverly) for over 10 years and I always recommend a Beverly supplement program to my clients. Now I found myself sitting at my computer, recommending Beverly supplements to my clients, watching as they built muscle and lost fat, while I was going in the opposite direction. The light was beginning to dawn on what I was missing. As our family settled and our checkbook opened up, my wife and I revisited my fitness goals and decided to give Beverly the green light again for myself.

My previous supplement regimen included lots of pills. At my highest intake, I was known to take up to 50 Mass Amino tablets during a workout. I didn’t feel that I could go back to my previous schedule of taking handfuls of tablets and capsules every few hours. I could barely keep my family and work schedule straight let alone my supplement schedule. I needed something easy, I needed something effective and I needed something that was within my budget. I thought to myself, “If a client had this issue what would I recommend to them?”

After a few days of pondering, the strategy became very simple. I’d drink one or two UMP/Provosyn shakes each day. On non-workout days (also my very low calorie day) I would consume a scoop of Muscle Synergy and a Super Pak. On workout days I added a pre workout mix consisting of 2 scoops of Muscle Synergy, Glutamine Select and Creatine Select mixed in water. I also made a “workout shake” of 2 scoops Mass Maker Ultra and 1 scoop of Muscle Provider. I drank half of each before my workout on the drive to the gym and the other half during my workout.

My “UP day / DOWN day” nutritional strategy is something I have become somewhat recognized for. It is my solution to staying lean, staying fit and I get to have a small cheat meal every other day. I simply take the number of calories I want to consume on a daily basis, multiply it by two and then one day I will eat a pretty high level of calories and the following day I eat just whatever calories I have left over for the two day total. This way I am still responsible for my nutrition but I can have some enjoyable meals (within moderation) and still maintain an acceptable body fat percentage. Each day also included 1-2 shakes consisting of 2 scoops UMP + 1 scoop of Provosyn as noted above. On my higher calorie days I would add in a few additional clean meals rich in protein as well as a free meal in the evening with my family, some grub watching a ball game or as a date night with my wife.

Training wise I used a blend of training styles learned over the years. The biggest influence was an article that Roger wrote years ago training every other day with each body part being trained twice over an 8 day period. During that 8 day period each body part would get trained light once and heavy once. (You can find this workout in the Article Archive referenced earlier, Vol 12, #3.)

Within 1 month my weight was back up to 190, my skin fold was back down to 8mm and my strength was the highest it has been since I quit competing over 10 years ago. That is one month folks!

After 15 years I had become stagnant, lacking any real goals and quite honestly for the first time in my life low on motivation in regards to my fitness. After a six month layoff from Beverly supplements I was fatter, weaker and I felt worse. After just one month on a simplified but complete Beverly approach I had my strength back, I had my weight back up and my ab skin fold reading was cut in half. Sometimes we all need a little reminder of why we believe in things that we believe in. Thanks Beverly for always being there for me.

Note: Before you get the idea that I let myself go on purpose to simply give a false testimony of my results, let me share some truth with you. During the 6 months off Beverly I did not miss a workout (these workouts were with full effort), my diet was incredibly strict with plenty of protein and my desire to be in good shape was still there. During the first month back with Beverly my diet was actually slightly less strict. Let me say that again so it sinks in. My diet during the off period was better than it was during the first month back using Beverly. The change (in addition to actually eating worse) was this simple supplement strategy:


1 scoop Muscle Synergy in the AM
1 Super Pak in the AM
1-2 shakes consisting of 2 scoops UMP + 1 scoop Provosyn


1 Super Pak in the AM
1-2 shakes consisting of 2 scoops UMP + 1 scoop Provosyn


2 scoops Muscle Synergy, Glutamine Select, Creatine Select (half before workout, half during)
2 scoops Mass Maker Ultra, 1 scoop Muscle Provider (half before workout, half during)

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