Jen Main – Boot Campers

WEEKEND WARRIORS – Jen Main and her Boot Campers meet every Saturday morning for a 1 hour boot camp. By incorporating a structured meal plan and the use of Beverly International products, these women are getting on track to a NEW fitness lifestyle and body transformation. One week Jen asked them to bring their favorite Beverly International product (see picture).

“As a trainer, I am so thankful and proud to have a great product to recommend to my clients/friends/family. Proper supplementation is an important aspect of the fit-ness lifestyle. Often professionals disregard the importance of dietary supplements and just skip the entire idea of educating their clients on this concept. I believe, to be successful… you need three keys. A good meal plan, a workout – strength & cardio- program, and superior BI supplementation! With these 3 keys, success is on the other side of the door. Use the keys to unlock your potential.”

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