From IFBB Pro, Mike Francois

I spoke with Mike a few weeks ago when he called in to place his order. I asked him a few questions just to see how he incorporates BI in and out of his gym life. He has used BEVERLY for many years and routinely recommends BI to his clients for whom he designs what many of us are looking for… “The perfect personalized program.” Let’s read on and see what Mike has to say…

“I have been using Beverly for many years. Interesting note: way back (and I mean way back!) I was first introduced to Beverly products in college. I continued to use Beverly while competing in the IFBB. When your livelihood depends on putting only quality products in your body, you need to use the ones you know work. A good friend of mine, Dr. Eric Serrano, always touted the quality of the ingredients in Beverly’s supplements, and I obviously wanted and needed the absolute best.

Later, I connected with Roger and Sandy when my wife and I were exploring the possibility of creating our own protein powder. Some would see this as a threat, but Roger and Sandy took the time out of their crazy schedules to sit down with us and explain the pros and cons of the supplement industry. We continued to stay in touch over the years, and are truly grateful for our relationship with them to this day.

Now that I am retired from competitive bodybuilding, I still want to stay in shape and be healthy, so Beverly is still a big part of my daily routine. Glutamine Select plus BCAAs and UMP are two of my favorites. I need the glutamine and BCAAs for recovery, especially as I get older and UMP is a great supplement to keep my protein intake high each day.

Here’s how I personally use UMP and advise my clients to use it as well. I mix at least 2 and often 3 scoops with my oatmeal each morning. I tell my clients that even if they’ve never liked oatmeal, they will now! UMP is also good to use anytime through the day as a meal (with fruit and almond milk) or as a ‘between meal calorie and protein enhancer’. A lot of people get that hungry feeling mid to late morning and or afternoon, and UMP is the perfect stop gap measure. If you are watching carbs mix your favorite flavor of UMP with almond milk or water. If you are not worried about a few extra carbs, add a banana or some berries to your UMP shake for a great tasting high quality treat!

My clients come from all walks of life – from competi-tors to anyone who wants to get in better shape and live a healthier lifestyle. I communicate with them regularly over the phone and via email. My contact info is below to anyone interested.”

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