Fast Gainer Shake

Question: Mike Spinka writes: Hi! I was wondering if you could help me with a diet that was sent to me a long time ago by Roger. It was a shake sip diet that had a recipe for a whole milk shake with heavy cream for adding lean mass. I can’t seem to find it in the archives, I would like to put a client of mine on it who is my nephew and is struggling with eating and is extremely thin. He is having trouble eating whole foods. If you could just send me the recipe for the shake that would be great! Thanks!

Answer: You bet Mike!! Here it is. Roger tweaked it a bit and made it even better for you. This shake recipe was from an article called the Fast Gainer Diet back when we were also publishing the BodyMuscle Journal. (We’re thinking of reprinting the article in a future No Nonsense magazine.)

“The idea behind this diet is to simply blend a large protein shake upon waking (or before bed the night before), sip it between meals throughout the day, and finish it by the time you retire for the evening. If you work from home or have an office with a nearby fridge, you may store your shake there, if not get a very large Thermos to take with you. The visual reminder of a thermos on your desk seems to help keep your protein needs in mind.”

  • 4 scoops UMP
  • 4 scoops Mass Maker Ultra (MMU)
  • 32oz (1 quart) vitamin D milk
  • 4-8oz heavy whipping cream
  • 16oz water (or 1 cup ice + 1 cup water) (vary the amount of water to make the drink thicker or thinner)

I’d start with vanilla UMP and Mass Maker Ultra, once you are used to drinking this much, you can try varying the flavors. I’d also recommend taking one Multiple Enzyme complex for each 8oz you consume.
Of course, you can always start a little lighter with a “half recipe” of 2 scoops UMP and MMU, 16oz milk, 4oz cream until you get used to drinking the full amount. You will find this shake absolutely result producing and delicious!

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