Beverly “Longtimers” Talk About Beverly International

Most people keep their ageful years to themselves. Not us. We are proud to be owners of one of the oldest sports supplement companies in the industry. BI was founded in 1967. Yep, that’s right, a big 48 years ago. During these years, we’ve seen a lot of products and companies come and go. Mostly go! We have perfected a few items that have stood the test of time such as the Super Pak, Mass Aminos, Ultra 40 liver and a few others. There is something to be said about creating something that is too good to be replaced! We feel that way about our years of investment with our clients, who have become dear friends. Roger and I made the big jump and bought BI in 1998. Before that we were involved with Beverly, using the products ourselves and advising clients on supplement usage for contest prep and body re-composition. During these early years, relationships blossomed and some have become our most memorable times. This NEWS BEAT will give you a little taste of what three long- time BI friends think about our company.

Todd Jackson first used Beverly International supplements in 1982 and became a client in 1992. He’s now 48 years old, a teacher, married with two grown daughters.

Jim Caudill began working with us in 1996. He’s now 44 years old, a senior manufacturing manager in the aerospace industry, married with 2 sons ages 15 & 14.

Mitch Gold first met us in 1998. He’s now 46 years old, an industrial/organizational psychologist, married with twin boys 14 and an 8-year old daughter I asked these Long Time BI users a set
of questions to see WHY they chose to stay with us for so long. Their responses were incredible. Check it out!

1. What brought you into the BI cult?

Mitch: I first met up with BI back in 1998. I’d been lifting for 10 years and even competed in a couple bodybuilding shows. But I was suffering, like many people, from supplement advertising overload. It had gotten to the point where I wasn’t even sure which companies were legitimate providers of quality products that would help me up my game. But I kept noticing the BI name in magazines I read and particularly the simplicity of their labels. So I decided to contact BI and met up with 2 very helpful men, Roger Riedinger and Jeremiah Forster.

Jim: I was introduced to Beverly via The No Nonsense Newsletter which at that time was in black & white format. Tommie Robertson was featured in that issue. I remember being so excited that I found something that had actual information in it that I could apply to my own situation. I showed up at the Riedinger house one Saturday morning with my wife Beth for my 1st appointment & initial body fat analysis. After about 2 hours of education from Roger & Sandy we left for the 3 hour drive home with 2 boxes of supplements, a contest meal plan & a date to enter my 1st show. I should mention this was long before their Cold Spring location.

Todd: I first started using BI products in high school to get bigger and stronger for football in 1982. I chose BI because the biggest, strongest bodybuilders and power lifters in the gym used it and told me it was the best. Over the next dozen years or so I tried other brands, but always came back to BI. In 1992 I began a more personal relationship with BI. I started selling Beverly products at
the gym I owned at the time and also went to Roger and Sandy for contest prep advice.

2. What are your all-time favorite supplements?

Mitch: (1) UMP-due to my schedule I simply can’t eat 6-7 meals per day so UMP and whipping cream is an anabolic lifesaver. Since the days of Ultra Size and now UMP, I’ve never tired of my chocolate brownie cake. I mix UMP with cream, sugar free instant chocolate fudge pudding and microwave it. A dollop of whipped cream on top and you’ve never seen this guy happier. (2) The Ultra 40 liver/Mass Aminos stack-which I use to fill in any nutritional gaps of my meals and to keep my nitrogen levels optimum during the day. (3) Muscle Synergy-taking this before my brutal
Crossfit workouts gives me the critical push I need (along with my Crossfit compadres screaming at me…) Jim: UMP is my favorite product. It’s the best tasting, “cleanest” protein out there & yes, I’ve tried the rest. Chocolate is my favorite but Cookies & Crème is a very close 2nd. My favorite UMP meal – crushed ice & little water mixed with 2 scoops of UMP, shake it up then put in the freezer for about 30-45 minutes. Just long enough that it starts to freeze then devour it. Down here in Texas this drink is great right after training. I still use Mass Aminos and Ultra 40 as well. I feel these are a must for everyone who trains. Todd: The two products I have continued to use over the last 30 years are the proteins and Ultra 40 (liver tabs), I think these two should form the foundation of any muscle building diet.

3. Why do you keep using the products?

Mitch: Reliability, quality and predictability of results. Frankly, I know that the BI products are controlled from a research perspective and that only the highest quality ingredients based upon latest sports nutrition science and research are used.

Jim: The business philosophy Roger & Sandy have incorporated into their company is to let the products sell themselves. Compare this to many other companies who choose to pay big name bodybuilders to represent their companies. I suspect the money BI saves by not paying big names to endorse their product line equates to a better product for us.

Todd: I continue to use BI for two reasons. First, I get results because they are the best supplements on the market. Second, the personal relationship over the years has always been something I can count on like so many other people that BI has helped become their best.

4. What experience do you remember most about BI?

Mitch: I remember when I first started with BI, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the products available. I was on a tight budget and of course wanted EVERYTHING. I put forth this concern in an email to BI and almost immediately I got a personal email back from Roger R. giving me a personalized diet with the 4 most critical supplements he felt I should use. I knew then I was dealing with a pretty special crew….One that had my best interests in mind.

Jim: What sticks out to me is the fact Roger & Sandy always made time for me. I use to call between 2-5 times a week to ask questions about food, why am I using these aminos, what does this do, when will I weigh 225lbs ripped (in hindsight that is hilarious), what do the other guys look like? Roger & Sandy taught me how to pose, how to diet & why it was important. You will not get that help from any other supplement company. This personal attention to detail lives on today through the many contest prep specialists that took what they were taught at Beverly International and have made it into a career.

Todd: Most of all it is the personal relationship that developed into a great friendship. I have seen this with so many people over the years that like me have become members of the extended BI

5. What benefits have you seen over the years that you could contribute to using the products?

Mitch and Todd agree with Jim: The changes I have experienced using Beverly products over the past 20 years are a definite increase in lean muscle & I have maintained a good strength level (as the young guys tell me now – you’re pretty strong for a guy your age…”). Mitch adds, the biggest change I have seen is a refined quality to my musculature. Interestingly, I have stayed within 10 pounds over the past 10 years, but bodyfat has consistently gone down year after year, and lean muscle tissue has continued to increase.

6. Last question: After all these years how do you feel about Beverly International as a company?

All agree that relationship, guidance and trust are what define the Beverly difference. Jim adds, Beverly International as a company feels like a family to me. The sense of integrity & loyalty that
Roger & Sandy instill into the products, but more importantly the people – that is the difference. I consider Roger & Sandy like family to me as I trust them 100% – they set the standard the rest
of the supplement industry should be measured to.

The Beverly approach is based on interaction with the customer. Once the customer expresses what their goals or interests are then the Beverly group begins formulating what products will be needed for you to achieve your goal. Beverly has posted a number of their most successful meal plans in the Bev Solutions section of their website. You’ll also find nearly twenty years’ worth of individual meal plans in the Articles section at beverlyinternational. com.


Mitch Gold


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