Beverly International: Scientific Data with Real-World Results

Beverly International: The brand that offers a portfolio of research supported ingredients for the athlete’s total body, by taking a NO NONSENSE approach to Fitness and Health, Muscle Building and Fat Loss.

Since 1967 Beverly International has been a visionary when it comes to creating quality supplements, achieving REAL results with no Hype and systematically feeding the body what it needs when it needs it. The Sports Supplement industry today is so over crowded. There are so many supplement companies that I can’t even keep up with it. Only the best are regulated or 3rd party tested for label accuracy. When asked who is our competition, we just kind of shrug and say, “We stand alone and apart from the crowd.”

From the start, every supplement we created and tested in the lab turned real life results into reality. BI has a strong history of lining up the scientific data with real-world results, fifty-four years to be exact. Only after critical lab testing for purity is the product released to the public. But that’s where the real testing takes place – from REAL-LIFE data from individuals that testify to the results. Beverly has what the body needs. We don’t use catchy drug names to get your attention, we just keep it clean and natural. Take a look at these categories.

Joint Health: Joint Care, EFA Gold

Sleep and Recovery: ZMA 2000, Advanced Antioxidant, Glutamine Select

Brain, Body, & Muscle Energy: Fast-Up, Up-Lift, Muscle Mass, Creatine Select

Lean Muscle Support: Mass Aminos, Ultra 40, Muscularity, Muscle Synergy, Creatine Select, Quadracarn, and Density

Gut Support: Multiple Enzyme Complex, Glutamine Select, ZMA 2000

Fat Loss: Lean Out, 7-Keto MuscLean, Quadracarn, GH Factor, Energy Reserve

Internal Health: Lean Out, Energy Reserve (L-carnitine), Quadracarn, Super Pak, FitTabs, Muscle Synergy, Ultra 40

Immune Support: ZMA, Ultra C, Advanced Antioxidant, EFA GOLD, Super Pak

Muscle Food: UMP (all 7 flavors), Mass Maker Ultra, Muscle Provider, PBP, Provosyn, and coming soon—The new UMP BAR.

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