Beverly International Immune Boosters – What your body needs

Roger and I both got our Covid Vaccinations and feel good about our immune health. But after 2020, I wouldn’t think of starting my day without additional support. Personally, I was already taking all of these products way before the Covid pandemic. First thing in the morning, I take 1 Ultra C, 1 ZMA, 2 FitTabs, 4 EFA Gold and down them with a scoop of Glutamine Select in my water. Good ole Advanced Antioxidant is saved for after my workouts and even though there is 125% of the good Vitamin D in my FitTabs, I also take extra Vitamin D each day.

  • Ultra C (2,000 mg vitamin C, 10,000 i.u. vitamin A)
  • ZMA 2000 (highly assimilable forms of zinc to combat infections and magnesium)
  • Advanced Antioxidant (vitamins A, C, E and selenium)
  • Super Pak & FitTabs (vitamins C, A, D, zinc, selenium)
  • EFA Gold (fights inflammation and supports immune system)
  • Glutamine Select (helps with gut healing and recovery)
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