An amino acid questions I recently received from a medical doctor.

Q: Dr. John here. I don’ know if you get much social media but I look at things on my business page and have seen a lot of stuff about Essential Aminos. Quite expensive with all kinds of fantastic claims, especially for senior athletes. What do you think? Me, I think Mass Aminos has it covered. What is your take on all this stuff about “exactly the right proportions etc.? I was turned off immediately when I saw “Proprietary Formula?” I trust you guys. – Dr J

A: Dear Dr. John. Essential Aminos are excellent for the older bodybuilder. Beverly has had a formula, Density, in our line for nearly 30 years. I think it is still the best one available.

One of the main benefits of Density is that it does not have to go through the digestive system, but the amino acids are absorbed almost immediately. Another benefit (over the newer formulas) is that Beverly includes all 8 essential aminos including l-tryptophan (which is often left out or in very small quantities). Density is not a proprietary formula – each serving contains 500mg of each of the 8 essential aminos.

On the other hand, Mass Aminos is also predigested so it goes through the digestive system more easily than regular protein. It too has quite an impressive track record over the years.

Personally, I take both – Density on an empty stomach and Mass Aminos with meals.

All the best,

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