Beverly Beat: The 50+ Club!

At 57 years old, I now concentrate on many of the extra benefits of our supplements rather than what most people automatically focus on when  thinking of our Beverly line (muscle gain, fat loss, recovery, and training support). My friend Linda Stephens has created a Mid Life Mastery Program for Females. She is assisting females Linda Stephens over 50 to get back in touch with their bodies! It seems like as we age, we have to concentrate on so much more just to keep our head above water. Here’s Linda!

Are You Mastering Your Midlife? As we enter the midlife years, our bodies do change in many ways, such as loss of bone density, excess body fat, hormone levels are changing as we go through menopause. Now, while this may sound not so exciting, what is exciting is that all of those conditions can be reversed, slowed and even halted. Exercise, sound nutrition, key supplementation, proper sleep patterns and water intake can ensure a midlife journey of health and wellness. Midlife is not a time to fear ladies. It’s a rebirth, a second chance with all the wisdom we’ve learned along the way.

My 8 week Midlife Mastery program is designed to bring you back into balance and feeling your best at 40, 50 and beyond. During the 8-week program we will dive into exactly how you should be eating and exercising to help balance weight gain. We will go over key hormones and what supplements can help with sleeplessness, brain fog and hot flashes. You will feel confident and sexy in your skin again while living authentically.

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In good health, Linda (51 years old)

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