Beverly International has collected thousands of prime testimonials, good to great feedback, self-improvement photos, life changing events, and much more over the past 48+ years. To just make it easy to get the gist…or to just sum it up for you, I am going to share the top 9 reasons why people love their Beverly.

#1. Variety

A solution for everybody. With nearly 30 different products to choose from, Beverly can help you achieve every one of your physique and performance goals faster. Muscle size, shape, definition, strength, power, stamina –the list goes on. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a bikini competitor, a college athlete or a weekend warrior, a newbie or a seasoned pro, we’ve got a solution for everybody.

#2. Formulas

No-nonsense through & through. Like the latest fash-ions, trendy ingredients come and go. Only the time-test-ed ones that have been proven to work find their way into Beverly products. This is part of our no-nonsense approach. Our R&D team carefully evaluates each in-gredient prior to putting it into the finished product to ensure that the quality remains high from batch to batch.

#3. History

Almost half a century of it. We may have more history than any other sports nutrition company in the world.
Founded in California in 1967, Beverly has had al-most half a century to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and prove itself with consumers.
Many people continue buying Beverly products year af-ter year. They do so because it is an established brand that they can trust more than any other. Some of them have almost as much history with Beverly as we do!

#4. Education

We tell you how to succeed. No matter what the size of your purchase, when you buy a Beverly product, we provide you with all of the educational support that you require to get maximum results from it.

Our diet, training, and supplement programs, as well as our recipes, have been fine-tuned to perfection over decades of field testing. Simply stated, they work. You get access to all of this valuable information for free – no strings attached- via our e-newsletter, print magazine, online discussion forum, website and more.

#5. Our Advisors

Live people, right here in the USA. You may have a tough time getting a hold of a live person when you call your cable or cellular phone service provider, but not when you call us. Within seconds, you’ll be speaking to an advisor operating out of Beverly’s Kentucky headquarters.
Our advisors are hired, trained, and managed solely by Beverly. Each one personally uses our products and has an emotional investment in your well-being. When you call, his or her primary objective is to help you get better results, not just take your order.

#6. Results

Almost a 100% response rate. When you consider reasons #1 through #5, above, it may come as no surprise to find out that the vast majority of our clients experience satisfying results while using Beverly products. The success rate is almost 100%!

Spend a few moments browsing through our print magazine, Face-book page, or online discussion forum, and you’ll see plenty of hap-py people sharing their success stories. Results like these is the chief reason why Beverly is the first brand some of our clients have ever purchased multiple products from!

#7. Innovation

Beverly is no stranger to innovation. Examples: Long before it was called “stacking”, we were pioneering the art of supplement combining. Few if any other companies are as knowledgeable about supplement dosing, training, or dieting. When it comes to prepa-ration for physique competitions (“contest prep”), we’ve got that nailed down, too.

#8. Honesty

Again, no nonsense. We speak the truth and our actions are con-sistent with our words. We don’t make promises that we can’t keep.

#9. Our Guarantee

Investments, not purchases. For all of the reasons outlined above, buying a Beverly product isn’t just a purchase; it’s a safe and secure investment. Our supplements are backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. This means that if the product you purchase doesn’t perform in a satisfying manner, simply return it and we’ll return your money without any hassle.

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