8 Weeks to Sealfit

Recently, I picked up a training manual called 8 Weeks to Sealfit. I’ve always been curious how the elite teams train and stay perfectly conditioned for their Level 10 job description. (Not to mention how they prepare for the physical and mental degradation of BUDS)

Training programs for SEALS have been improved over the years. They now incorporate CrossFit style training along with Warrior Yoga. Here is a quote from the book… “Training for work capacity is done almost every work session with SEALFIT. We need to prepare for the known and the unknown in our life and work. Preparing for the known in sport is simple (through hard work). CrossFit has proven to be an extremely effective general physical training program to develop a broad base of functional conditioning.” Mark Divine

Many CrossFit facilities which sell Beverly and trainees who use BI ask about proper BI supple-mentation for this type of training system. Since BI TEAM member, Greg Wyrabkiewicz has been a Cross Fitter for years, we asked him to lay out specific supplement recommendations for CrossFit training.

“Many Cross Fitters follow the “paleo” diet. Beverly International’s Provosyn is the perfect protein for this type of nutrition plan. Provosyn’s ingredients include whole eggs, beef, and complete milk protein isolate. The taste is delicious, even when mixed in water.

Glutamine Select plus BCAAs and Creatine Select with beta alanine are perfect complements to CrossFit training. Glutamine Select accelerates recovery and supports lean muscle gains. Creatine Select with beta alanine is clinically proven to improve performance, strength, speed, and endurance.

So our “essential” recommendations are Provosyn, Glutamine Select and Creatine Select. This trio would be just about impossible to beat for CrossFit.

Next up to boost your energy and motivation are Up-Lift and/or Fast Up. If you are still looking for that final endurance edge, with a bonus of increasing your fat burning metabolism, add Energy Reserve or Quadracarn.”

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