Over 30 years of results. A history of consumer respect.

By putting equal emphasis on research, manufacturing and marketing, BI has continued to deliver what many consumers feel are the most effective bodybuilding supplements available anywhere in the world.

Laguna Hills, CA, 1967: bodybuilding supplement industry is in a state of scientific and ethical disrepair. Companies are selling products that are incapable of producing results like those promised in their advertisements. Consumers are being misled. In an effort to give the industry a scientific and ethical foundation, nutritional ingredients researcher Jim Heflin founds Beverly International (BI). Heflin establishes strict research, manufacturing and marketing guidelines for BI in order to ensure that its supplement formulas reliably and consistently produce results. Bodybuilding athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts quickly become fervid fans of the new brand as it defines a cutting-edge for the industry.

Cold Spring, KY, 1999: Heflin has traveled the United States for nearly three decades successfully introducing the BI product line to gyms and medical research centers, and talking with countless nutritional ingredients suppliers, manufacturers, athletes, scientists and clinicians. Eager to pass the torch, he sells the company to trusted friends Roger and Sandy Riedinger. Roger is a school teacher and principal, a competitive bodybuilder, and a former University of Cincinnati scholarship athlete. Sandy is a fitness instructor with a degree in corporate fitness from Northern KY University. Together they promote amateur bodybuilding and figure competitions in the state of Kentucky.

Today: The bodybuilding supplement industry has advanced on both scientific and ethical grounds. Still, it has a long way to go. BI remains a cutting-edge leader by rigidly adhering to the same three-part set of guidelines established by Heflin in 1967. Surveys indicate that BI products consistently produce results that exceed consumers’ expectations. The BI support staff is regarded as being among the most knowledgeable and personable in the industry.

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At BI we ask, "Which ingredients do scientific studies say produce results? How can we manufacture these ingredients to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality?" The answers to these questions lead to the development of products which are capable of delivering results that meet or exceed those reported in studies.

Results is our end. Quality is our means.

"Manufacturing" refers to the making of a company’s products. It involves taking raw materials and converting them into something that consumers want.

"Marketing" is everything a company does to tell consumers about its products –their features, benefits and prices, and where you can buy them. Labels, magazine advertisements, TV commercials, Web sites, athlete endorsements and seminars are just some of the marketing materials that companies use to get consumers to buy their products.

When a company collects information in an effort to understand how to make products that provide the features and benefits consumers are looking for, it is doing "research". Scientific studies are one source of such information. The company may perform its own studies or rely on those performed by universities, for instance.

In an ideal world, research would lead to the manufacturing of products that function the way we are led to believe they will. Research, manufacturing and marketing would all "balance out", in other words. Consider the following example:

  • A supplement company comes across scientific studies that suggest that certain types of dietary protein can increase muscle size. (research)
  • The company determines how to manufacture these proteins so that they are of the highest possible quality. (more research)
  • The company manufactures a protein supplement using the research-proven proteins. (manufacturing)
  • The company tells consumers, "Our new protein supplement contains proteins that scientific studies have shown to increase muscle size. The quality of our manufacturing process ensures that our supplement contains the highest quality forms of these proteins so that when you use it as directed you can experience results that meet or exceed those reported in studies."
  • Consumers buy the product, use it, and discover that it produces results that meet or exceed their expectations.

Unfortunately, the bodybuilding supplement industry all too often differs drastically from the "ideal world" scenario just described. This is because research, manufacturing and marketing all too often do not balance out (refer to Other Supplement Companies’ "Product Development" diagram, below). Indeed, the results of scientific studies are more likely to influence the content of a company’s advertisements (e.g. "Our protein supplement increases bench press performance by 1000‰!") than the actual manufacturing of its products. The products sold to consumers consequently do not contain the same ingredients used in studies or do not contain them in the quantities required to produce results. As the company continues to advertise its products using exaggerated claims about their efficacy, more consumers become disappointed and discouraged.

When BI founder Jim Heflin arrived on the bodybuilding supplement scene in 1967, research, manufacturing and marketing were even more disconnected than they are today. Nutritional ingredients were being manufactured using methods that were incapable of delivering results like those demonstrated in scientific studies or that would otherwise satisfy consumers. Many products did not even contain the ingredients specified on their labels. Things have improved since those days, but not enough. Consumers are still being misled, disappointed and discouraged by supplement companies making promises that their products are incapable of living up to.

The founding of BI was Heflin’s effort to give research, manufacturing and marketing equal emphasis –to make them all "balance out"–– and give the industry a truly cutting-edge scientific and ethical foundation. He succeeded by adhering to a strict set of guidelines (also refer to BI’s "Product Development" diagram, below):

  1. Research: Select nutritional ingredients based on available scientific research. Which ingredients do studies say are necessary to enhance the look and/or performance of the human body? The results of these studies serve as the basis for the manufacturing of new BI supplement formulas.
  2. Manufacturing: How do our ingredients need to be manufactured so that they meet or exceed the safety and effectiveness of those used in scientific studies? BI uses the most advanced manufacturing and testing technologies to ensure that its ingredients are free of impurities, biologically potent, and otherwise safe and effective for consumers.
  3. Marketing: Develop marketing that speaks honestly and openly about the results that are possible when consumers use BI products as directed in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise program.

Since 1967 BI has continued to grow in sales, popularity and esteem by ceaselessly adhering to the same research, manufacturing and marketing guidelines set in motion by Heflin. While these guidelines often mean that its products cost more to develop, the results experienced by consumers more than make up for the higher prices they may encounter.


In the spring of 2008, BI conducted a survey on its consumers. Here is sample of what they said:

"I’ve tried a great many bodybuilding supplements that did not work; consequently, I have wasted a great deal of money. To ensure results, I keep returning to BI. Their supplements work. It’s that simple."

"The BI products I have tried have all been outstanding in quality and exceeded my expectations for performance."

"Every time I have a question you guys are just a phone call away. If I had time for a second job I would want to work at BI just to gain the knowledge that you all have."

"With BI I can trust that the product labels are accurate. This is not the case with other companies."

"I easily see the most results when I use BI products."

"They are what they say they are. I am especially big on Muscle Provider, which in my opinion is the single best protein on the market."

I’ve always thought BI was the best and always will. The technical support and customer service is exceptional, just like the products. You never feel like you’re calling a supplement company. You always feel like you’re talking to someone who actually cares about answering your questions and solving your problems."

"You get the results you are looking for."

"I give BI a 10 because their products WORK. I have been using them for about a year now and am hooked! BI products along with some hard work have whipped this 42-year-old body into shape."

"BI products are great... protein drinks taste awesome and customer service rocks. Every time I’ve called I’ve talked to a very helpful, friendly person and my orders arrive super fast."

"There is a lot of misinformation in bodybuilding and the bodybuilding supplement industry. BI is one of the very few companies that put out truly outstanding products. They are the only company I am aware of that consistently puts out accurate information on how to build a great physique without drugs."

"Your products are top notch and the technical support and customer service are the best in the business."

"BI always has fantastic customer service"and product"quality. I have been taking various bodybuilding supplements since the early 90s and never found good technical support, knowledge, and quality until discovering you guys."

"I have been training for over 20 years and I have tried every bodybuilding supplement known to man. In order for me to be at my best and to help the individuals I work with be at their best I have to trust the products and the company behind them. I started using BI in 1995 to prepare for a contest and I have not used any company since. I will not work with any client without BI products."

"BI makes products that deliver on their promises. Plus, you have the best tasting proteins in the world."

"I have wasted a lot of money on many different products trying to get my body where I thought it needed to be."BI has helped me build the muscle I need period. The products actually do what they say they will do."

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As told by Steve Colescott
Continuing the Legacy,
The Beverly Nutrition Story

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