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Ordering and Payments
•  What are your Hours of Operation?
•   Is it possible to speak with a Live Person?
•   How do I order?
•   Is it safe to enter my information on your site?
•   Where is my order/ How do I track my shipment?
•   What is the best way to find the supplements I need?
•   What is your return policy?
•   Questions, Comments, or Concerns?
•  What payment types do you accept?
•  Do you accept PayPal?
•  How do I determine the shipping charges on my order?
•  When will my order Ship?
•  Which carrier(s) do you use?
•  How long will it take my order to arrive?
•  Do you offer expedited shipping options?
•  How do I track my shipment?
•  Do you ship to US Military Addresses outside of the US?
•  Do you ship outside of the US?
•  What is UMP?
•  What is the difference between UMP and Muscle Provider?
•  I can only afford one, should I choose UMP or Muscle Provider?
•  My protein powder does not completely fill the container, is there some missing?
•  What are your best products for Fat loss?
•  What is the difference between Lean Out and 7-Keto?
•  What is the difference between Fit Tabs and Super Pak?
•  What do you recommend for putting on size?
•  Do any of your products contain...
•  What is the shelf life of your products?
•  Do you have samples?
•  Do any of your products contain illegal substances?
•  Can I take multiple Beverly products at once?
•  Is it safe for my teenager to use Beverly Supplements?

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