Beverly International Off-Season Bodybuilding Program


The goal of this program is to attain the maximum amount of muscle and strength gain with minimum fat accumulation.


This is a 12-week program that alternates gaining and hardening phases in a specific pattern.

  • The “Gain” cycle includes six meals PLUS a pre and post workout recovery drink. During the “Gain” cycle your weight should increase one-half to two pounds per week.
  • The “Hardening” cycle consists of five or six meals daily and is designed to solidify the gains you made during the “Gain” cycle.


Weeks 1-4       4-Week Gaining Phase

Week   5          1-Week Hardening Phase

Weeks 6-8       3-Week Gaining Phase

Week   9          1-Week Hardening Phase

Week   10-11   2-Week Gaining Phase

Week   12        1-Week Hardening Phase

Gaining Phase Nutritional Program

You have to take a disciplined approach and consistently eat the right combination of nutrients during the Gaining Phase to ensure that you add quality muscle.

Protein - Protein will account for approximately forty percent of your nutritional intake.

  • Best sources of protein for building quality muscle during the gaining phases are: lean beef, whole eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, turkey, lean pork, fish, and egg whites. The best protein supplements are Ultimate Muscle Protein and Muscle Provider.
  • During the hardening phases you should eat primarily egg whites, chicken breast, turkey breast, and Ultimate Muscle Protein and Muscle Provider.
  • Mass amino acid tablets and Ultra 40 liver extract are invaluable to make sure that you utilize the protein you eat and they provide additional amino acids you need to build muscle.

Complex Carbohydrates - Complex carbohydrates will make up thirty-forty percent of your nutritional intake. The leaner you already are, the higher your complex carbs can be.

  • Best sources of carbohydrate for the gaining phases are oatmeal, rice, baked or boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, and all variations of beans.
  • You can occasionally include peas, corn and whole grain products in moderation. Fruits that qualify as complex carbs for the gaining phase are apples, pears, and pineapple.
  • During the hardening phases you should stick to oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and beans for your complex carbohydrate sources.

Low Carb Vegetables and Fruit

  • Low carb vegetables include salads, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, green beans and just about any other green or yellow vegetable.
  • Low carb fruits are blueberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, peaches, and strawberries. (You can add a small amount of low carb fruit to any of your protein shakes while on this program.)

Fats - Dietary fats should make up twenty-thirty percent of your caloric intake.

  • Best sources are olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, almond butter, almonds, walnuts, and heavy cream.
  • During the hardening phases you should reduce saturated fats and take an essential fatty acid supplement like Beverly’s EFA Gold or a fish oil supplement.

Free Foods - You can eat all of the following as much as you like during the gaining and hardening phases: Sugar free gum, Crystal Light, diet soda, coffee, tea, sugar-free Jell-O, Splenda, Equal, seasonings, mustard, vinegar, hot sauce, salt and pepper.

Free Meals

This program is designed to add maximum muscular size while minimizing fat accumulation so it’s not a time to eat whatever you want, whenever you want it, but planned free meals at specific intervals can be beneficial – mentally, metabolically, and physically. Plan to have one free meal on the last day of the final week of each of your “Gaining Cycles”, i.e. week 4, week 8, and week 11.  A free meal lasts sixty minutes and consists of whatever you’d like to eat in that amount.

Beverages - Make sure that you drink plenty of water. Everyone should drink at least 64 ounces each day. This is important to improve your health, help you to gain muscular weight (muscles are nearly seventy percent water by volume), and help flush out harmful toxins (and fat).

  • Other acceptable beverages are unsweetened tea and coffee, as well as diet drinks like Crystal Light and diet sodas.
  • If you gain fat fairly easily limit the amount of milk you drink. If you are a hard gainer, and eat just about anything without adding fat then you might try mixing your Ultimate Muscle Protein shakes with milk. Regular fruit juice is another area you must be careful about. Both milk and juice have large amounts of naturally occurring sugar; and although they may be good foods, they may also result in fat accumulation.

Sample “Gaining Phase” Diet Plan

Here is a typical meal plan based on six meals plus a pre and post workout recovery drink. Adjust portions or add or decrease a meal as needed to average a one-half to two pound weight increase each week.

Breakfast: three whole eggs, five ounces lean beef or one cup cottage cheese, three-fourths cup oatmeal.

[Option B: four egg omelet with two ounces cheese, two slices whole-grain toast with almond butter, one apple.]

- - - - - - - - - -

Mid Morning Meal: Protein Drink with two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, two tablespoons healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream. – Optional: one serving low carb fruit.

[Option B: one can tuna (water packed), one cup cottage cheese and one-half cup pineapple (unsweetened) or one-half cantaloupe.]

- - - - - - - - - -

Lunch: eight ounces chicken breast (or other lean protein source), one cup cooked brown rice (or other complex carbohydrate source). Optional: one or two servings of low carb fruit or vegetables.

[Option B: six ounces of roast beef, one or two ounces of Swiss cheese, two slices rye bread, one apple, salad. (Note: you should not choose Option B for both breakfast and lunch on the same day – that would be too much bread.)]

- - - - - - - - - -

Mid Afternoon Meal: one can tuna (water packed) or six ounces turkey breast, one-half cup cottage cheese and one-half cup pineapple (unsweetened) or one-half cantaloupe.

[Option B: Protein Drink with two scoops Muscle Provider or Ultimate Muscle Protein, one tablespoon healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream.]

- - - - - - - - - -

Dinner: ten ounces steak, pork loin, chicken, turkey or fish; medium baked potato or sweet potato; low carb vegetables or salad.

- - - - - - - - - -

Before bed snack: Protein pudding – mix two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein in a bowl with just enough water to make a pudding texture. Add one tablespoon of almond butter, walnuts, or heavy cream.

[Option B: six egg whites, three ounces chicken breast, one serving low carbohydrate vegetable or fruit.]

Pre and Post Workout Recovery Shake

Mass Maker was formulated specifically for you to use pre and post workout during your gaining phases. Take two scoops of Mass Maker Ultra mixed in eight ounces of water about thirty minutes before you train and three or more scoops, immediately after training. This post workout shake in particular is one of your keys to success during the Gaining Phase so don’t miss it.

Supplements for the Gaining Phase

Essential:       Ultimate Muscle Protein, Super Pak, Mass Maker Ultra, Creatine Select

Next Steps:     Mass Aminos

Stack:             Glutamine Select, Up-Lift

Additives:      Ultra 40, Muscle Synergy

A brief summary listing the benefits of each supplement is available below. For more information, click on the supplement name.

Essential - Start with the supplements listed above as Essential.

  • Ultimate Muscle Protein – UMP will be a staple to your nutrition program. It contains a high quality blend of proteins essential to any muscle building or fat loss program.
  • Super Pak - contains all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrient catalysts you need to support protein synthesis and muscle building. The ingredients in the Super Pak sustain vital metabolic processes – energy production and fatty acid metabolism. They also provide powerful antioxidant protection for recovery, repair, and resistance to illness. You should take one Super Pak per day with breakfast.
  • Mass Maker Ultra- helps to maximize the results of intense training and increase lean mass, strength and speed of recovery.
  • Creatine Select - will allow you to train harder with greater intensity and recover faster using the most studied, bioavailable (near 100%) and proven form of creatine in the world bolstered by β-alanine for increased exercise performance.

DIRECTIONS for using Creatine Select:     

Loading Phase: Start with a loading phase: mix one scoop in 4-6 oz of water and consume 4 times daily (with meals) for the first 5 days. (If over 185 lbs take 5 servings per day for 5 days.)

Maintenance Phase: On training days take 1-2 servings twenty minutes before training. On non training days take one serving with your first meal.

Next Steps - The next supplement(s) you’d add to your program is Mass Aminos (listed as “Next Steps”).

  • Mass Aminos - Peptide bonded amino acids that increase the nutrient density of each of your meals to force more muscular gains. Because of their unique molecular structure, Mass aminos provide you with the best form of amino acids (the building blocks that muscles are made of) for rapid muscular growth.

Stack - If your budget allows, add the “Stack” and you’ll have a complete supplement strategy to achieve your goal.

  • Glutamine Select plus BCAAs – maximize your recoverability and muscle building with L-glutamine and the three Branch Chain Amino Acids Leucine, Isoluceine and Valine in the proven most effective ratios.
  • Up-Lift - stimulant-free powdered drink mix that is intended to be consumed before and during training in order to sustain higher levels of mental and muscular output (performance) during resistance and cardiovascular forms of exercise.

Additives – “Additives” are for the high achiever who wants and can afford it all.

  • Ultra 40 - Liver extract tablets aid in growth, add extra protein to every meal, and increase your energy and endurance.
  • Muscle Synergy - dietary supplement technology consisting of a combination of nutritional ingredients selected on the basis of their ability to support four factors that synergistically interact to determine the strength of the average muscle-building signal being transmitted inside your muscle cells at any time of day, whether you are exercising or at rest.

Although often overlooked, digestive enzymes (Beverly’s Multiple Enzyme Complex) may be the missing link in your ability to gain muscular bodyweight. The amount of muscle you attain from this program is ultimately dependent upon the amount of nutrients that you digest and utilize. Seems simple, but doesn’t it make sense? If you have had trouble gaining the muscular bodyweight that you desire in the past, why don’t you try one or two digestive enzyme tablets with each meal? It might be just what you need to break through your muscular growth barrier.

There are a whole slew of other supplements that are beneficial during the gaining phase (depending on your budget). For long-term muscle gain the above are essential. Please call us at 1-800-781-3475 and we can help you to effectively incorporate any of our other muscle building supplements into your plan.

Sample Hardening Phase Nutritional Program

Breakfast: one whole egg, five additional egg whites, five ounces chicken breast or turkey breast, one-half cup oatmeal; 3 EFA Gold capsules.


Mid Morning Meal A: Protein Drink with two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, one tablespoon healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream.

Option B: one can tuna (water packed), one carrot, one tomato.


Lunch: eight ounces chicken breast (or other lean protein source), one-half cup cooked brown rice (or other complex carbohydrate source). Optional: one or two servings of low carb vegetables.


Mid Afternoon Meal A: one can tuna (water packed) or six ounces turkey breast, one or two servings of low carb vegetables or one-half cantaloupe.

Option B: Protein Drink with two scoops Muscle Provider or Ultimate Muscle Protein mixed in 16 ounces water.


Dinner: ten ounces chicken breast, turkey or fish; low carb vegetables or salad; 3 EFA Gold capsules.


Before bed snack A: Protein pudding – mix two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein in a bowl with just enough water to make a pudding texture.

Option B: six egg whites, three ounces chicken breast, one serving low carbohydrate vegetable.

Essential Supplements for the Hardening Phase

These will be the same as during the Gaining Phase with a couple extra that will make sure you don’t lose any lean muscle tissue while your diet becomes more restricted during the Hardening Phase.

Continue to take the Super Pak (or Fit Tabs multi/vitamin mineral) and Ultra 40. The Super Pak helps your body utilize nutrients and eases stress, aids in recuperation, may prevent injuries and helps build your resistance to illness.

Ultra 40 (liver extract) improves energy and endurance, adds extra protein and iron to your diet, and helps you keep your strength while dieting.

EFA Gold provides essential fatty acids that support metabolism, improve energy levels, and stimulate natural hormone production that aid in muscle growth and fat metabolism.

Take three EFA Gold capsules with breakfast and three with dinner.

You probably won’t need the Multiple Enzyme Complex during the Hardening Phase weeks.

During the hardening phase it will improve your results if you substitute Density for Mass Aminos during the hardening phase. Not crucial, but it’ll give you a clear cut advantage that’s practical and doable.

Do not take the Mass Maker Ultra pre and post workout shakes during the Hardening Phase.

Instead you should add Muscle Mass BCAAs. The L-conformation of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine provide nutrients essential for muscle repair and growth and make Muscle Mass the best natural supplement available to preserve lean muscle while on a restricted diet. Take five Muscle Mass tablets at the start of your workout, five at about the half-way point in your workout, and five more at the end of your workout. Glutamine Select is still very advantageous at this point also.

Lifestyle Hints to Maximize Your Off-Season Bodybuilding / Strength Program

  1. Remain calm throughout the day. If you spend too much nervous energy stressing and worrying you will compromise your muscular gains.
  2. Try to live a regulated life. Train, eat, and go to bed at the same times each day whenever possible.
  3. Strive to progressively increase your workout weights over the course of each gaining cycle. During the hardening cycle you should focus on form and muscular contraction on each exercise rather than the weight you use.
  4. Have a positive and productive attitude. Read a positive quote of the day, self-help or spiritual literature at a specific time each day. (Sound mind in a sound body principle.)
  5. Never miss meals or workouts unless it is an emergency. Regularity is the key to setting your body into a fixed pattern of muscular growth.

Please call or email us if you have any questions regarding this program.  Our email is; the phone number is 1-800-781-3475.